How to Identify the Part Number of My ZF Transmission?

A very common question when a client orders specific transmission parts for the ZF I usually ask them for the year, make, model, vin number of the vehicle and the part number of the transmission. Then the question is where is the part number at? The number is a 10 digit number on the tag of the transmission.

The tag is either attached to the main housing or as part of the casting of the main housing like in the picture below. In this tag the first line is the serial number, the second number the part number of the transmission and the third number down is the model number (ZF6HP26).

The number needed is the part number which usual is 10 digits. In this case the part number is 1068 010 045. This number enables us to determine the correct parts for this particular unit. For example the ZF4HP20 has about 6 different part numbers for solenoid kits. With the 10 digit part number off the tag of the transmission the right one can be selected and you receive the right part the first time.

This is the reason why it is so important to have this information. The more information available the better it ensures that you receive the right part the first time.



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