A518, 46RH, 46RE Transmission Parts

Transmission Parts and Rebuild Kits:

A-518, 46-RH, 46-RE

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Overhaul Kit
Banner Kit
Master Kit

Overhaul Kit
Banner Kit
Master Kit

Filter – 1990-1997 Dacron
Filter – 1990-1997 Brass
Filter – 1998-Up

Kickdown Brake Band
Kickdown Brake Band, Kevlar – Relined

Reverse Brake Band 1990-E1991
Reverse Brake Band L1991 – Up

Bushing Kit 1990 – E1992, with out Over Drive Bushing
Bushing Kit L1992 – Up, with Over Drive Bushing

Valve Body Kit 1990 – 1998 (Shift Correction Kit)
Valve Body Kit 1999 – Up (Shift Correction Kit)

Thrust Washer Kit
Bearing Kit

Technical - Repair Manual
Torque Converter

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46RE Master Kit: 109.99
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