New Process Tranfer Case - NP241, NP243

The NP-241 and NP-243 came with four different chain designs. The regular NP241 uses a 1.25 inch wide round pin chain. There is a heavy duty version that uses a 1.5 inch wide round pin chain design. From 2002 on the NP 241 and NP 243 may require either a 1.25 inch wide by 84 pitch rocker joint design or a 1.25 inch wide by 98 pitch rocker joint design.

The transfer case kits are the same for the particular unit regardless of chain design. In other words, if all you are performing is an overhaul and not replacing the chain, you can order your kit with just the model number of the transfer case.

The NP241 and NP243 use the same kits for the most parts. The NP-243 is an electric shift unit.

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