Automatic Transmission Hi Performance Racing Kits

Automatic Transmission High Performance Racing Master Kits come with:
  • Gasket Kit
  • Sealing Rings
  • Metal Clad Seals
  • Special High Performance Racing Raybestos Clutches
  • Kolene Coated Steel Plates
  • Filter
  • HP Lined Brake Bands

Also included where applicalbe:

  • Bushings
  • Needed Washers
  • Sprag Clutches
  • Roller Clutches
  • Clutch Diaphragm Spring
  • Vacuum Modulators
  • Service Bulletin, if any

Don't forget not all HP Racing Master Kits components will be identical. For example if your transmission does not use a brake band or a Modulator, then your kit will not contain those parts. If a certain sprag is not a critical one or one known to wear it might not be included.

We carry Hi Performance kits for Chrysler, Ford and General Motors (GM) transmissions.

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