CD4E / LA4A-EL Filter, Filter Kit, Brake Band and Thrust Washer

Here are some of the more common parts ordered for the Ford CD4E (Mazda LA4A-EL).

The brake band is 2.047" wide and replaces the 1.653". The brake band comes in its regular form and in a high energy version. I suggest the high energy version; it deals with heat better.

The filter and filter kit are the same for all years and all Fords and Mazdas.

The Forward and Direct Drum to Direct Shell Thrust Washer pictured below has a tendency of braking. It is highly suggested that you purchase one of these washers if you do not intend of purchasing the the washer kit. I receive more phone calls for this part for the CD4E once the rebuild started than any other part. I think getting the washer kit is the way to go and it includes the washer mentioned above too.

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