Solenoids for the workhorse 4L80E

The workhorse of the GM family line of transmission since the early nineties the 4L80E uses up to 4 solenoids. From time to time all solenoids, regardless of manufacture, go bad and need to be replaced. Here is a list of the options available for this one:

- Master Kit
- A Shift, 1-2, 3-4
- B Shift, 2-3
- EPC with Silver Can & Bottom Connector > 1991-1993
- EPC with Black Can > 1994-2003
- EPC with Silver Can & Side Connector > 2004-Up

Shift A and B solenoids are available in an aftermarket product that is compatible for both uses. The dealer brand (GM) are sold individually for each shift. The electrical pressure control (EPC) is not sold as part of the master kit.

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