The Durable AT545 and its Parts...

Here is another posting on AT-545. The filter is the same for the 540 and 543 and covers all years of production (1970-Up). The filter is available in the metal screen, treated paper and brass type. You can also update the filter to the same one the MT643 uses; you will also need to order a tube for the update. Don't forget to order the external filter cartridge too.

The bushing in the picture below is the front pump bushing. This tends to be the most ordered single bushing outside of the bushing kit. Here is a list of bushings available:

- Pump Body / Bronze or Babbitt
- Stator / Front
- Sun Gear / Front and Rear 1.120" or 1.190" Overall Diameter (depends on serial number)
- Center Support / 1.540" or 1.600" Overall Diameter
- Front Planet
- Output Shaft / 0.775" or 0.815" Overall Diameter (depends on serial number)

The bushing kit is broken down by AT540, 543 & 545 early years and 545 later years; both containing 7 bushings in the kit.

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