Recalibration Kit, Brake Band and Washer Kit

The Thrust Washer Kit for the A518, 46RE / RH is good for the years from 1990 and up and is only good for the units listed. Here is a partial list of washers that are available individually.

- Overdrive to Piston Hub
- 3 Tab Output Shaft
- Planet (3, 4 or 5 Gear)
- Under Snap Ring to Rear Band Drum
- Shell to Rear Planet

The End Play Shim Kit is compatible for several transmissions from 1990 and up as illustrated in the picture below and comes with three 0.015" and three 0.025" shims.

This unit uses two brake bands; the kickdown or front and the reverse. The kickdown comes in flex, kevlar, high perfromance (HP) and rigid. The reverse band is either solid with a 6" drum from 1990 to early 1991 and solid with a 6 1/4" drum from late 1991 and up.

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