More 4R100 and E4OD Parts

The first item for discussion in this post are the extra reverse frictions for year range May of 1997 to February 1998. From the information that I received during the years it seems that from the transition to the 4R100 from the E4OD some of the 4R100 parts where used in the E4OD and this is why the extra reverse frictions are needed. I have even heard some customers call that year range the b@$t@rd E4OD.

Valve Body Kits are available in the following configuration:

- Shift Kit from Transgo
- Valve Body Kit from Superior
- Reprogramming Kit for Heavy Duty and High Performance from Transgo
- Sure Cure Kit from Sonnax

The filter is simple; 2Wd or 4Wd regardless of year. The intermediate brake band is the only one in this unit.

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