TCC & Wire Harness for the Ever Enduring 4L60E

This wire harness comes with the TCC as illustrated below. Originally this part came for specific years, which is listed below. Now one covers all years from 1993 to 2002 (pictured below).

Here is a list of the harnesses available for specific year:
- Non PWM TCC & PWM 3-2 (6 Solenoid) / 93-95
- Blue Connector PWM TCC & 3-2 / 94-96
- Gray Connector PWM 3-2 On-Off (6 Solenoid) / 96-02
- Square EPC Connector / 03-06
- Input Sensor Design / 06-Up

If ordering one between the years 93 to 02 there is a clear advantage of ordering the one that covers all those years. The possibility of receiving the wrong one is completely diminished. Either way you can always order one specific to you application.

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