5L40E - 5L50E Thrust Washers and Cushion Spring

The plastic thrust washers for the 5L40E/50E automatic transmission are not yet available individually or as a kit from the dealer as of the date of this post. Two of the thrust washer in this unit have a tendency of breaking up or melting.

The two washers are the "forward sprag, direct drum and shaft assembly" and the "overdrive clutch hub and intermediate sprag assembly." These two washers are now available as a kit. This will alleviate a huge headache if you need them to finish your rebuild. Many of our clients rebuilding the unit have commented how glad they are to know we have them (pictured below).

Another major problem for the re-builder tends to be the intermediate cushion spring. These springs tend to break and are not easily available. These springs are now available as well.

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