F4A-EL, F4EAT Drums and Clutch Hubs

The F-4EAT, name used by Ford, and the F4A-EL, name used by Mazda, are the same transmission introduced in 1990 and used by Kia in some models beginning in 2000.

All the parts written in this posting work with this unit from 1990 and up. There are three different possibilities for the 3-4 clutch drum (.071", .091" and .130" steel). This transmission also contains a reverse and forward clutch (pictured below back and front and with beveled return spring), 2-4 drum or band drum, it is named this way to reflect this is the drum that is braked by the band. There is the coast clutch drum, a low / reverse clutch hub with 34 teeth and the coast clutch hub with inner race.

Other parts associated with the drums and hubs are the piston kits for 3-4 clutch, reverse clutch and coast clutch. A drum saver kit for the forward is available.

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