Mercedes Benz 722.5 Series Transmission

The Mercedes Benz 722.5 series transmission is an automatic 5 speed rear wheel drive transmission. There are several different sizes for the steels and this is the reason why it is impractical to make a master kit. The master kit would be very expensive and heavy if they where to include all the possible steel combination.

The best way to order the rebuild kit for the 722.5 is to order the banner kit, which includes all of the friction in addition to the paper, rubber, gaskets, seal and similar parts, and then order the steels separately depending on the need and size.

Here is a list of the different clutch packs and steel size available for each one:

B3 Reverse - 2.3mm or 2.8mm
BS Overdrive - 2.5mm
K1 Front - 2.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.5mm or 5.0mm
K2 Rear - 3.0mm, 3.5mm or 5.0mm
KS Overrun - 2.0mm

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