Toyota A750E and A761E Transmission

The Toyota A750E is a 5 speed rear wheel drive and the A761E is a 6 speed rear wheel drive transmission. Both are automatics and electronically controlled. As of publishing date of this post (01/08/2009) the parts available on a limited basis are the overhaul kit and the filter. We expect to carry more parts and kit in the coming months. Please contact us for further information.

The A750 series was first introduced in 2003 and the A760 series in 2004. Other designation in the same family are A750E, A750F (4x4); A760E, A760H, A761E. The 5 speed share the same overhaul kit (paper, rubber, gasket and seals), and the 6 speed share the overhaul kit as well. Since the banner and master kit are not yet available we do not know if they will be the same within each series. This information will be posted as it becomes available. The filter is different for the 5 and 6 speed.

Here are some of the vehicles that are equipped with the A750:
4 Runner
FJ Cruiser
Land Cruiser
Tacoma Pickup
Tundra Pickup

Here are some of the vehicles that are equipped with the A760:
GS300 (Lexus)

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