Allison 700 Series Transmission

The Allison 700 Series transmission is used in buses and trucks. The banner kit is compatible with all units in the series (700, 740, 750, 754...). Due to weight, the master kit is not available; the steels that would come in the master kit are available individually. The lockup friction and the backing plate for the lockup clutch are not included in the kit and should be ordered separately as required.

There is an internal and external filter. The internal filter comes with a 6" or 7" pickup tube. The external spin-on filter has a 2 quart capacity and is fitted with or without the adapter. Bushings, thrust washers can be ordered individually, there is a sealing ring kit too.

The pump come in two different configurations, two gear or three gear. Other pump parts and hard parts are now in stock. Please call if you have any questions or need to order Allison Parts.

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