AW50-40LE, AW50-42LE Torque Converter

The AW50-40Le and the AW50-42LE are 4 speed automatic transmission manufactured by Aisin Warner. Presently Toyota is the major share holder of Aisin Warner with Aisin Seiki coming in second. Originally created to produce rear wheel drive units, Aisin now makes front wheel drive and all wheel drive units including power trains for hybrid vehicles.

There are four possible torque converters for the 50-40LE (AF14-20) and the 50-42LE (50-42LM). Two converters are for most applications and there are two specifically used in the Volvo.

Here is the information for the regular one:

O.D.: 10.4" / Pads: 6 / Pilot Height: 1.75" / Codes: 40A010, C8K19, VK09N
O.D.: 10.4" / Pads: 6 / Pilot Height: 1.25" / Codes: 40A030

Here is the information for the Volvo:

O.D.: 10.25" / Pads: 6 / Pilot Height: 1.25" / Codes: 40A020, Q2, HO6, 16U
O.D.: 11.15" / Pads: 6 / Pilot Height: 1.30" / Codes: 42A010, 42A020 (Saab)

Here is a list of some of the vehicles that use the AW 50-40 and 50-42LE transmission (gear box):

Volvo 40, C70, 700 and 850 Series
Opel Vectra, Astra, Calibra, Cavalier, Zafira and Sintra
Suzuki Aerio
Diahatsu Charade
Saab 9'2, 9'3 and 9'5 models
Daewoo Espero
Renault Saffrane Mk2
Vauxhall Astra, Calibra, Cavalier and Zafira
Kia Clarus

O.D. = Overall Diameter (AF20, AF22)

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