Holden Transmission

GM Holden is an Australian automobile manufacturing company. Holden was originally a private company until it was bought out by General motors in the 1930's. Holden has produced many locally produced vehicles supplemented by some GM models. Holden has partnered in the past with Isuzu, Nissan, Toyota and Suzuki to produce and or engineer some of its models.

We offer automatic transmission rebuild kits and other parts for the following Holdens:

308 Torana (THM180)
308 Torana (THM400)
Apollo JM (A140E)
Apollo JM (A540E)
Berlina (THM180)
Calais VR (4L60E)
Caprice (700R4, 4L60E)
Commodore (4L60E)
Monaro CV8 (4L60E)
Rodeo T (A43D)
Statesman (4L60E)
Various (THM350) 1975-1986
Various (THM125C) 1986-1990

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