External Transmission Coolers

A transmission cooler can be a crucial component to help the life of your transmission. The transmission cooler works under the same principle as the radiator for the engine in your vehicle; it helps regulate temperature. The difference between the two is that the radiator uses radiator fluid that flows into and out of the engine and transmission fluid travels to and from the cooler.

Some vehicles come equipped with a transmission cooler as part of the radiator or as a separate part. Heavy duty pickups or vehicles equipped with towing packages usually have a separate external transmission cooler like the one pictured below.

It is suggested to install an external cooler if you tow boats or trailers, live in a hilly or mountains area, use your vehicle in an extreme area or in an extreme or recreational way (racing, mudding, off-road) or live in a particularly hot climate. Even if the above does not fall in your category it might still be a great idea installing an external cooler. Buses, coaches, semi trucks, heavy or industrial machinery and mobile or motor homes should have external coolers too.

External coolers come in different sizez and for different gross vehicle weight (gvw) from 12,000 to 30,000 gvw. An external cooler can extend the life of the transmission and transmission fluid, guard against premature and or costly repairs and protects against burnouts and boilovers.

We offer Hayden, Hayden Transaver Plus, Hayden Allison AT540 HD, Tru Cool High Efficiency, and Tru Cool Low Pressure and Heavy Duty Recreational and Industrial specific external transmission coolers. The one pictured below is a Hayden 16,000 gvw and measures 15 1/2 x 5 x 3/4" inch.

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