Mitsubishi Transmission Code Sample

The Mitsubishi transmission model or code number is grouped to indicate drive type, speed, automatic or manual, load capacity, and other information.

The first letter will indicate front wheel dive or rear wheel drive. The number following that indicates the number of speed in the transmission. The letter following the the speed will indicate if the unit is automatic or manual. Numbers following will indicate the load capacity of the unit. And finally a dash followed by a digit or series of digit will indicate some other feature of the transmission.

The KM series in no longer used and are now referred to as mentioned above. Below find a quick chart from the KM series codes to the new codes. Other makes where you might find the KM series are Jeep, Eagle and Mitsubishi vehicles.

Old................ New
KM-171........ F3A21-1
KM-172........ F3A22-2
KM-175........ F4A22-2
KM-176........ F4A21-2
KM-177........ F4A23-2

Cast Iron Powerglide Transmission Parts

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Cast Iron Power glide

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4T65-E Transmission Parts

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4T65E, MN3, M15, MN7 H.D., M76

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Transmission Fluid Leak

After installing a rebuilt or replacement transmission and filling it with the appropriate fluid and amount of fluid you should check for any leaks.

Check for leaks on the case, bottom pan and side pans if any, the torque converter area, vent pipes, transmission cooler, cooler pipes and fittings, and fill tube.

If you find a leak in any of the areas mentioned above or any area not mentioned you should correct it.

Transmission Cooler Flush

Before beginning a cooler flush consider the reason your transmission failed. If your transmission suffered a major failure you might want to consider replacing the cooler.

During a major failure small metal particles get lodged in the cooler and even with careful flushing not all particles come loose. Eventually the metal pieces or particle do come loose and end up in your transmission that could result in a premature failure.

An external transmission fluid cooler can be purchased to replace the one you have now or bypass the cooler built in to the radiator. The price of a new cooler could very well be justified if it helps prolong the life of the transmission.

If you are performing a routine rebuild or overhaul a thorough flush should be preformed on the lines and cooler. This will help get any debris and gunk out.

A good quality cooler flush, proper tools and a container to properly collect and dispose of the used fluid will be needed. Always practice safety and take all necessary steps to protect your eyes, skin, respiration etc.

Always perform the flush before connecting the cooler pipes to your transmission.

Transmission Components, Care and Causes of Failure

Automatic transmissions, both front wheel drive and rear wheel drive, contain three major operating system.

Problems with any of the operating systems can cause transmission failure if not diagnosed early and repaired.

The mechanical part of the transmission include but not limited to the torque converter, bushings, gaskets, seals, bearings, washers, planets, clutches (frictions), and steels.

Hydraulic components include but not limited to the torque converter, pump, transmission fluid cooler, filter(s), valve body system.

Electronic systems include but not limited to the electrical components, solenoids, and in some cases the Power train Control Module (PCM).

At some point of the transmission life it will need to be overhauled. The master kit usually contain most of the parts that are common to wear in the unit. It is also recommended that the bushing kit, washer kit, filter and brake bands to be replaced at the same time. A valve body kit or a shift kit is also a good idea if available for your transmission.

A damaged torque converter, pump or an electrical component can have catastrophic results for your transmission. Resulting in the premature need to rebuild the unit.

Low fluid or the wrong fluid can also cause damage to your transmission. Always make sure you have the correct amount of fluid and always use the correct fluid type. We recommend a high quality transmission fluid. This will help extend the life of the transmission.

GM Transmission Code Sample

The GM transmission name is arranged in in connection to the number of speeds, configuration, relative torque capacity and type or features.

For example if the first number is a 3 than you have a 3 speed transmission.

The letter following the the number of speed indicates if the transmission is longitudinal or transverse. Longitudinal transmission are usually associated with rear wheel drive (rwd) units and transverse transmissions are usually associated with front wheel drive (fwd) units. A 4L80E is a rwd and a 4T80E is a fwd.

The set of numbers following the letter indicating if the unit is rwd or fwd is the relative torque capacity. The relative torque capacity for the 5L40E is 40 and for the 5L50E is 50.

If a letter follows the the relative torque capacity it will indicate something additional. For example the 4L60E is electronically controlled, whereas the 4L60, previously known as the 700-R4, is not electronically controlled.

GM Transmission Old to New Designation

Here is a chart for GM's Turbo Hydramatic transmission designations. On the chart you will find information on old degisnations to the new designations. For your refernece the code or pro number is also included on the left hand side of the chart and it remains the same.

Code Old New
Designation Designation
M40 THM 400 3L80
M40 THM 475 3L80
MD9 THM 125 3T40
MD9 THM 125C 3T40
MD8 THM 700R4 4L60
ME9 THM 440 4T60
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MT1 THM R2 4L80E
MD2 THM 180 3L30
MD2 THM 180C 3L30
Cobra Transmission 1-800-293-1848 Email

ST300 Transmission Parts

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GM Super Turbine 300; 1964 to 1969

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Honda 5 Speed MD-KA Transmission Parts

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Honda 5 Speed MDKA
2003 – 2004, Acura MDX, 3.5RL, Saturn Vue

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