Identyfing The BMW X5 Transfer Case

Steve, an owner of a European garage from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was agitated when he called about a month ago. He ordered an output shaft for a 2002 X5 and it was not the correct one. 

I asked if he was working on an NV125 or an LWX500. He responded the LWX-500 according to the vin number. I then asked him to look at the rear of the transfer case, the side that faces the rear wheels, and look to see if there is a tag with NV125 on it and he said yes.

How can this be? Not sure why but in 2002-2003 the X5 could be equipped with the LWX500 or the NV125 transfer case. I've seen several instances where the vin number does not reflect the correct transfer case. I had one customer with a 2003 with the ATC500 and if you searched for the vin it gave two options, the LWX500 or the NV125. It was off completely for this vin.

So how do I know which one I have? The easiest way is to look on the rear case. The rear case will have a round tag with NV125 or an engraving with LWX or ATC. When ordering parts or a complete transfer case, especially for 2000-2004 you want to check to make sure.

And whether you need parts or a complete reman unit, we got you covered.