TH-180 Adjustable Modulator

As in most adjustable modulators this one replaces most of them made for a specific unit and you adjust it to your liking.

What exactly does this mean?

The modulator is adjusted for a harsher /
firmer shift or a softer shift. The one shown below and as an example is our part number 24160G (used in the Geo Trackers and the Suzuki Sidekick) and we will explain how it should be adjusted.

Look for the part of the modulator that is not threaded. You will see a small slot where you can turn it with a small flat screw driver.

Turn right for a higher shift or turn left for a lower shift.

This will not change the shift points.  This will only change the shift quality.  That is it will only make the shift harsher (firmer) or softer (less firm).

If this does not fix the issue you are trying to resolve like shifting points you will need to inspect the throttle valve cable as the culprit.