New Parts Notice for the VW 09K

Cobra Transmission is pleased to announce the availability of the Banner and Master Rebuild Kit for the 09K used in the Volkswagen T5 Transporter. Both Kits are available with and without pistons.

The T5 replaced the T4 around 2004. It is Volkswagen's medium size commercial vehicle. It can be used as van to move cargo around or as a people mover. It also comes in different wheel bases and configuration.

The T5 is also know in some markets as the Eurovan, Shuttle, Kombi, Caravelle, California and Multivan

Volkswagen TransporterImage via Wikipedia

VW T5 TransporterImage via Wikipedia

Notice of New Rebuild Kits and Parts for the CFT23

We are proud to announce the introduction of our newest electronically controoled CVT rebuild kits and parts for the ZF CFT23. This unit is used in the 2002 - 2007 Ford Focus C-Max Diesel primarily used in Europe for front wheel drive and all wheel drive applications.

ZF put the CFT23 through real world testing in Europe and a fleet of vehicles in the US before officially launching it back in 2002. A major difference between the VT1F (used in the Mini Copper CVT16Z) and the CFT23 is that the CFT23 uses a torque converter.

As of the date of this posting we carry the Master, Banner and Overhaul Kits as well as the filter and pump bushing.

front view of silver Ford Focus C-MAXImage via Wikipedia

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New Kit and Part Announcement - Toyota A750 Series

We are proud to announce the introduction of our newest rebuild kits and other parts for the A750E and A750F Automatic Transmission.

We now offer:

- Overhaul Kit
- Banner Kit
- Master Kit
- Filter
- Pump Bushing
- Extension Housing Bushing

As time goes by we expect more parts to be available. As you come to expect, we will keep posting any parts update on this, and other, transmission on this blog.

2007-2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser photographed in USA.Image via Wikipedia

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Sonnax Tools for the 4T65E Tranny

Here are one of the first pictures on this blog about transmission tools from Sonnax. These particular tools are designed for the GM 4T65E 4 speed automatic transmission used in vehicles like the Buick LeSabre, Regal, GMC Envoy and Volvo S80 2.9L just to name a few.

The Reamer Kit (Part Number F-84596-TL) contains two reamers, two reamer jigs and a guide pin. It is used in conjunction with part number 84596-02K and comes with one sleeve, a valve, one regulating spring and a sleeve retention spring. This particular kit is to address the AFL Valve.

The 84754-TL5 comes with one reamer and two jigs. The first jig is for applications raging from 1996 and earlier and the second one for 1997 and up. This kit is required for the installation of part numbers 84754-16K and 84754-97K for the TCC Apply Valve.

And for the TCC Regulated Apply Valve we have the 84754-TL3 which is used to install part number 84754-34K which contains one of each of these: valve, sleeve, o-ring and spring.

Regardless of which Sonnax part number or product you need we are able to assist you.

ZFs 4 Speed Automatic, the 4HP14

In addition to the other vehicles listed in other posts in this blog the ZF4HP14 was also used in the Citroen Xantia.

The filter and brake band are good for all years of the unit. The filter is also shared with the 4HP18 is some of its versions. The filter is made of lightweight plastic with a plastic like screen material. The brake band is small and light too. Brake bands are unusual in ZF units as only a few units use them from the ZFs automatic gear box lineup.

One of the several 3 Speed GM Transmission: THM-180, 3L30 Parts

The very versatile TH180, also known as the 3L30, was used in may US vehicles as well as other GM owned brands like Opel, and other non-GM brands like Jaguar, Peugeot and others.

Here are pictures of some of the more ordered parts for this automatic three speed.

The valve body kit in the pic below is the Trans-Go Shift Kit. The thrust washer kit and bushing kit are the same for all years and for the lockup (180C) and non-lockup (180). The same is true for the filter and low brake band.

Aisin Warner Valve Body for the TF60SN (VW 09M, 09G)

There is little information available for the TF60 SN as of the date of this posting. What I have read and been told by customers about the valve body is not as detailed as we would want it to be.

This is what we know so far. There are two different versions of the valve body, the late and early versions. The early version is up to May of 2004 and contains pressure sensors where the arrows are located in the picture below. From June 2004 and up (early version) the sensors are not placed on the valve body.

When handling the sensors off the late one you must be careful as you will expose two small pins. If you turn the valve body the pins could fall off make it extremely hard to find due to their size.

The valve bodies have one other distinction for the late and early; the transmission oil cooler is on the transmission or is remote (off the transmission).

We carry genuine Volkswagen 09M and 09G oem valve bodies an Aisin Warner part with solenoids. This unit is also used in the Seat, Skoda, BMW and others.

(09G 325 039, 09G 325 039A)