ZF4HP14 Bushing Kit

The ZF 4HP14 is an automatic transmission used in several vehicles including but not limited to the Citroen BX, Xantia, ZX; the Daewoo Leganza, Nubira; the Peugeot 205, 305, 306, 309 and 405.

Here is a picture of the bushing kit.

Bushing Kit

Pump Body Bushing

Rear Stator Bushing

VW095, VW096, VW097, VW098

The Master and Banner Kit for the 095, 096, 097 and 098 come with molded pistons as part of the kit.

The Overhaul Kit dose not include the Piston Kit. Piston Kits are available separately.

Piston Kits come with 5 pistons from 1990 to Early 1994 and 7 pistons from Late 1994 and up.

(AG4 VW 01M 01N 01P)

G3T4 Manual Transmission for Acura

The Acura Legend from 1986 to 1988 with the 2.5 and 2.7 Liter engines use a Front Wheel Drive Standard Transmission known as the G3T4.

At the present time we have three different kits available for this gear box.

  • Synchro Kit
  • Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit
  • Synchro, Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit

Duty Shift JF506E Solenoid

Here are a couple of pics of the Duty Shift Solenoid for the JF506-E also known as the 09A Automatic Transmission.

C6 Transmission Pump

Here are the picture for the C-6 transmission oil pump. The oil pump is for the gas and diesel versions. This particular picture is a re-manufactured pump.

As you can clearly see on the stator side of the pump, it has a very light coat of fluid to protect and preserve the pump during shipping.

The complete pump, pump body and stator side, is shipped in a plastic bag to contain the coating.

An email from Mr. Jacobs in Missouri

Mr Jacobs from MO purchased a transfer case chain for his vehicle and had this this to say:

"Hi I just wanted to let you know that the Morse Chain that you sent me for my 1992 Range Rover worked great! I was a little skeptical about ordering the part from you but I’m glad I did and the money you saved me was substantial.

Thanks again for a seamless transaction!"

Thanks for the email Mr. Jacobs!


Low Timming Shift Solenoid for the JF506E

Here are a couple of pictures for the low timing shift solenoid for the the Jatco automatic 5 speed transmission JF506 E.

BMW X5 Transfer Case Chain

The BMW X-5 sports utility vehicle (SUV) uses a chain that is 1.25" inch wide, 3/8" pitch, 86 pitches or 43 links with a rocker pin design.

These transfer case are single speed with the torque on demand (TOD) feature.

There are two different model chains with the same specifications. The year of the vehicle will determine which chain model you will need. 2001 - 2002 (LWX 500) with one blue link and 2003 and up (ATC 500) with 2 blue links and a special lacing pattern.

(HV-059 / HV-087 / HV-088 / NV-125 / NP-125 / NV125 / Magna Steyr)

Price Changes

Due to the increase of metal prices our vendors have increased prices of their products.

All price increases are a result of this.

We will be updating all of our prices on our online presence in the coming weeks and we are grateful for your patience.

From all of us here at Cobra Transmission we appreciate your continued support and hope this does not create a big inconvenience.

Thank you

Acura Integra 1.6 Liter

The Acura Integra with the 1.6L engine from 1986-1989 uses a 5 speed manual transmission know as CG. This particular transmission has an aluminum case.

Available for this standard gear box:

  • Synchro, Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit
  • Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit
  • Synchro Kit
Please contact us for price and availability.

JF506-E Shift Brake 2 and 3 Solenoids

Here are pictures of the Shift Brake B2 and B3 Solenoids for the Jatco JF506E Automatic Transmission. As mentioned in an earlier blog entry there are 9 possible solenoids for this unit.

This is the B2

This is the B3

Acura Legend Manual Transmission C3FA

The Acura Legend 2.5L and 2.7 Liter from 1986 to 1988 uses a 5 speed front wheel drive (FWD) transmission (transaxle) known as the C3FA or C3P4.

Always remember to check the tag for proper transmission identification before placing your order for parts.

JF506E Electronic Line Pressure Control Solenoid (EPC)

This is the EPC Main Pressure Solenoid for the Jatco JF506E Automatic 5 Speed Transmission. This is one of nine possible solenoids in this unit.

The master kit pictured below is for the VW, Range Rover, Land Rover, Jaguar and other vehicles except the Mazda which has a different shift and TCC solenoid configuration.

Acura Integra A1 Standard Transmission

In 1986, Honda launched the Acura brand. Its first model, the Acura Integra, emphasized Acura's focus on engineering excellence as well as build quality, proving that Acura was able to compete with the global luxury car manufacturers in terms of design, quality and creature comforts inside the cabin.

Model A1:

The 1991 Acura Integra with a 1.8 L engine uses a manual 5 speed front wheel drive transmission model A1 .

The Gasket, Seal and Bearing Kit is available. A kit with synchros is also available.

ZF5HP19 Pump Body

This is a picture of the pump body for the ZF-5HP19. This is a part that many of our customers ask about during the rebuild of the unit. This pump is a replacement from the one in the unit and is an OEM part. This pump comes with gears and covers from year 1996 to 2003.

The pump tube (pictured below) is also a part that should be purchased with the pump. The tubes could break during installation or removal of the pump or could just need replacement.

This part is compatible with:
- ZF5HP19

(Oil Pump / Bomba de Aceite - Surtidor / öljypumppu / Pompe à Huile / Ölpumpe /
Olio Pompa /Olje Pumpe / Bomba de óleo / Pompa de Ulei / нефть насос / Oljepump)

BMW X3 SUV Tranfer Case Chain

The BMW X3 with the single speed gear box (transfer case) with the Torque on Demand (TOD) feature from 2003 and Up uses a chain that is 1.25" inch wide, 40 link with a 3/8" inch wide pitch and a rocker pin design.

The chain snubber used with this chain is also available. Please contact us for more info.

(ATC 400 / HV-086 / HVS-072)