Is It 09A or JF506E?

This seems to be a very common confusion for the JF506E; is it the same as the 09A or is there some difference between the two?  The company that manufactures this unit is Jatco and the official name of the unit as designated by Jatco is JF506E.  Depending on the car maker that is using the unit it will have a different name.  For example, Volkswagen calls it 09A, Mazda calls it RE5F01A and Ford refers to it as the RE5FO.  Regardless the name used or how its written it is the same Jatco unit JF506-E.

The are some differences between the units depending on the car maker like the solenoids and some of the friction and steel counts and or thickness but the same unit never the less. 

Speaking about the solenoid there seems to be some conversation in forums and around the bench about aftermarket solenoids.  A few months or so ago the aftermarket solenoids where introduced into the market.  And we get phone calls about which ones we carry and what they look like and how do I know for sure?

In this post we are hoping to answer some question about the differences between the solenoids used in the oem application and the aftermarket ones.

The one used from factory are manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric and have the Mitsubishi logo stamped on the bottom of the solenoid.

The aftermarket ones do not have the logo and the stem is a different color, at least in the aftermarket one we where able to find.

Another thing I wanted to point out is as I was going to take the picture of the two solenoids they slipped out of my hand and both fell to the floor.  The aftermarket one broke as you can see in the picture below.  At the time of this posting I would strongly recommend sticking to the oem solenoids.