Cadillac SRX Transfer Case Noises

Are the popping noise coming from under the SRX keeping you up at night? Not sure what it is or how expensive its going to be to fix?

We hear that a lot around here. The Cadillac SRX came equipped with the Borg Warner 4476 Transfer Case. The transfer case sends some of the power produced by the transmission to the front wheels and the rest goes to the back wheels.

The original transfer case chain (CT-HV-080) was replaced with the CT-HV-095 chain. The 095 was developed for the Cadillac 265 and 295 equipped with the BW4479. Our understanding is both chains are the same in every manner except the 095 is a bit stronger.

The usual symptoms of a chain needing replacement is the sound of a popping noise under the vehicle when you speed up from a complete stop or the vehicle is under a big load.

If you would like to identify the transfer case model just go under the vehicle and locate the transfer case. Look for a white sticker or the casting marks on the case it self.