JR403E Solenoids

These are the pictures for the solenoids used in the JR403E.

The TCC Solenoid is non-PWM and covers the years from 1988 and Up.

The Solenoid Assembly contains 4 solenoids and contains 2 insulated and one ground wire (1988-Up)

E4OD Solenoid Assembly

The E4OD and 4R100 uses a solenoid assembly like the one pictured below. There are a few options available when ordering the solenoid:

- From 1984 to 1994: with or without variable delay.
- From 1995 and up: with or without variable delay (Non-PWM).

4R100 (1998-Up)
- Non-PWM with or without variable delay.
- PWM (Pulse with Modulation)

Whenever rebuilding your E4OD or 4R100 always consider replacing with the solenoid assembly.

4R44E and 5R55E Pump

4R44E, 4R55E, 5R44E and the 5R55E share the same pump design. There are two basic designs. The first one is from 1995 and up - stator side with gears for the 6 bolt electronic. The second one is from 1997 and up - stator side with gears with outer caged bearing type and with pointed tooth gears (5R55E).

The pump pictured below is the one form 1995 and up. As you can see it is the same part with the front and back views. The side with the blue cap on the stator is where the pump gears are located. The pump gears and pump plate are also available separately.

AW55-50SN, AF33-5 Forward and Direct Clutch Assembly

The AW 55-50SN uses this Forward and Direct Clutch Assembly. Depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle this part will vary. The one pictured below and to the left is for a 2000 and up Volvo with 7 lube holes in the shaft, 20 splines and it is .846" where the bushing lands on the shaft.

New Process NP-231 Transfer Case Pump Assembly

Like mentioned before in a previous post when rebuilding your transfer case remember to inspect your pump very closely for damage and pin holes. This is specifically true if you lost fluid and can not tell from where. The cost of a pump assembly is relatively low compared to having to rebuild the unit again.

Below are pictures of the front and rear of the NP231 pump assembly. The NP231 only has one pump option unlike a few other transfer cases that might have two or three different designs.

ZF S5-31 Manual Transmission Parts

The S5 31 is a 5 speed rear wheel drive standard (manual gearbox) transmission manufactured by ZF. The S5-31 is primarily used by BMW for North American applications.

We carry parts for this unit in the North American application and all other regions. Always remember to send the year, make, model, engine size, vin number and all the information on the transmission tag for proper identification.

Here is a short list of available parts:
- Rebuild Kit
- Bearing Kit
- Needle Bearing Kit
- Pressure Piece Kit
- Shim Kit
- Repair Kit
- Housing Parts
- Shaft; Input, Countershaft, Main
- Idler and associated Parts
- Gear Shift Parts; Fork, Pad, Bearing Pin ...

Here are some of the BMWs that use this unit:
- 325Xi
- 328i
- 330Ci
- 525i
- 528i
- 530i
- M3
- X5
- Z3

JF402E / JF405E Transmission Parts

The Jatco JF402E and JF405E share the same rebuild kit. This is a 4 speed front wheel drive automatic transmission. The rebuild kit is available as an overhaul kit (Seal and Sealing Ring Kit - pictured below), banner kit and master kit (all parts pictured below). The friction and and steel module is also available. Other parts like the filter will be coming soon.

This unit is used in:

- A three wheel parking patrol or police interceptor,
- Daewoo; Matiz,
- Suzuki; Wagon R / MR, Cervo, Pallete, Solio,
- Hyundai; Atoz, Amica, Atos Prime, Santro Xing,
- Kia; Morning, Picanto, VRIP, Visto, Euro Star
- Mazda; AZ Wagon, Spiano, Laputa,
- Suzuki; Kei,
- Nissan; Moco, Pino,
- Maruti Zen Estilo.
- Chevrolet; Matiz, Spark, Joy
- Naza; Suria

F4A21 / KM176-5 Planetary Kit

This the planetary kit for the F4A21 automatic transmission. It covers the years 1989 and up. Planet kit comes with forward sun gear, reverse sun gear, planetary and ring gear. The tooth count for the forward sun gear is 26 and for the reverse it is 34.

Planet kits are available new and re-manufactured, please inquire about pricing and availability.

Garry from Illinois sent us this Picture of his 3000 GT Spiders

Garry purchased two W6MG1 Synchro, Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit for his all wheel drive (AWD) Mitsubishi 3000Gt. The Dodge Stealth and the 3000 GT share the same transmission for the same years.

The W5MG1 (5 Speed AWD) was used from 1990-1993 and the W6MG1 (Speed AWD) was used from 1993 to 1999 in the 3.0L.

Mitsubishi KM Series Transmission Pulse Generator

There are several KM series transmission by Mitsubishi that uses a pulse generator, also referred to as the input / output sensor. There are three basic configuration to the sensor. All three cover the years from 1985 - up, one has a round connector, the other two have square connectors one having the connector on a long wire and the other with even length wires. The one pictured below has the square connector on a long wire.

A short list of the units that use this electrical component is:
- KM175-5 (F4A22)
- KM176-5 (F4A21)
- KM177
- KM177-8 (F4A23)
- A4BF-3 (2000-up)

30TH, 31TH Valve Body

30TH (A404), 31TH (A413, A471, A670) valve bodies come in three different designs. The first one is from 1981 to 1986 non-lock up. The second one is 1987-up lock-up without thermal bypass and the last one from 1999-up lock-up with thermal bypass.

There could be any number of reasons for a valve body to go bad with as many number of symptoms. Two symptoms that I hear of with some frequency is two gears engaging at the same time and transmission taking off on second instead of first. These two symptoms might be a good indicator that a valve body is needed.

From 1987 and up the valve body uses a Lock-Up Solenoid (TCC).