You Asked - We Listened - JF506E Wire Harness

You been asking about the wire harness for the the JF506E and we heard you loud and clear. We now carry the internal and external wire harnesses for the JF506E / VW 09A 5 Speed automatic transmission used in Volkswagen vehicles.

The internal electrical wire harness can be damaged during the rebuilding procedure or when replacing the solenoids or valve body. With time the harness can become faulty and or brittle too.

Since this unit is electronically controlled it is important to visually inspect electrical components to make sure all is in good working order. The last thing you want is to have to open the transmission again.

NP535 Might Need That Tail Housing Bushing

The New Process Gear NP-535 might be ready for that new tail housing bushing as you suspected. If there is a bushing that is most requested for this unit it would be this one.

But wait, the parts selection does not end there, we have the parts you need for this unit:
Rebuild Kits with and without synchro rings, gaskets, seals, small parts kit, synchronizer components, forks, gears and other parts.

Don't forget to inspect this bushing and other essential parts when rebuilding your NP535 or NV2500 in your Dodge Dakota. This is a part you want to swap out while the unit is out and not realize it after the unit has been rebuilt and re-installed in the vehicle.

New Process Gear Case Protector / Saver

Now here is a part increasing in popularity. The case saver was designed to fix an issue with some New Process transfer ceases.

The pressure load from the pump has a tendency on working hard in the slots of the case half where the pump is fitted. With time this can cause leaks and case failure.

The case protector drops in to the case where the pump normally would and then the pump on top of it. This helps spread the load of the pump pressure over a greater area decreasing the usual points of stress on the case.

This case protector is compatible for the NP236, NP246, NP261 and NP263 transfer case or gearbox, as it is known in other parts of the world.

Remember to inspect the case half, pump and other parts thoroughly and to use the recommended fluids in all your projects.

Did You Know? (GM / Jeep Actuators)

Did you know we also carry General Motors Transfer Case Shift Actuators?

Great news then, we do!

Here is a list of the ones we do carry and the applications for each:

New Process Gear 241, 243 and NP263 1988-1997
- K1500-K3500 series trucks
- Suburban
- Blazer
- Tahoe
- Yukon

New Process Gear 226, 236, and NP-246 - Heavy Duty Upgrade 1996-up

The oe actuator plastic gears strip causing the four wheel drive option not to work and causes a trouble code. The heavy duty replacement has less parts and material and is manufactured with higher wear-resistant materials then the oem part.
- 1500-3500 pickups
- Suburban
- Silverado
- Colorado
- Avalanche
- Sierra
- Canyon
- Yukon
- Cadillac Escalade

New Process Gear NP231C, 233C 1983-2004 Direct Replacement
- S10 Pickup Trucks
- S15 Blazer SUV
- Oldsmobile Bravada
- Pontiac 6000

Jeep Front Differential Shift Actuator
Fits most Jeeps with Front Differentials from 1981 to 1990 for direct replacement.