BMW X5 Transfer Case Sprocket Assembly

The friction and steel set (sprocket kit) are now in stock and ready to ship.

A common question we hear all the time is what is the difference between the transfer case in the early BMW X5 to the late ones.

From 1999 to about early 2003 the BMW X5 came with a case known as the NV125 which has a planetary gear and no electrical components. In 2003 there could have been one of three cases. The NV125 is clearly identified by the round red tag that indicated it is an NV125.

The the LWX-500 was produced for only a few months and is similar to the NV125. It has a planetary gear and no electrical components. This case does not have the distinctive NP round tag. Although very similar to the NV-125 there are part changes in the inside like the output shaft aka driven gear.

In the ATC-500 the planetary gear was replaced for a clutch pack (frictions and steels) and a shift motor (an electrical component). The clutch pack comes as an assembly known as the Drive Sprocket Kit.

The BMW X3 ATC-400 has the same set up as the ATC-500.