Ford 6.9L Diesel T19 Kit Differences

Although the T19 Standard Transmission was used in several years and engine size this post will specifically cover the Ford F Series Pickup Truck from 1983 to 1987 equipped with the 6.9L Diesel engine.

This vehicle came with two variations of the T19, one with the 20mm wide input bearing and the other with the 23mm wide input bearing.  In order to know you would need to take the unit apart.

In the event you are not sure or you don't want to take the unit apart until you have the kit here are the parts you will need to purchase in order to cover both possibilities.

1 x BK146WS - Bearing, Gasket, Seal and Synchro Kit
1 x 304240 - Bearing

This will insure you have the other bearing.  In this instant you will have an extra bearing at the end of the build.

The bearing pictured below is the 23mm wide bearing part number 304240.