09A Aftermarket or Orgingal Solenoids?

I was on the phone with a customer today asking about the difference between the aftermarket and the original solenoids for the 09A/JF505E solenoids. The thing is this was not the first time this week this question came across my desk.

For the past few months this question has become more popular as the cheaper aftermarket solenoids come to market. Talking to a few of our clients that work on this unit they explain they tried the aftermarket solenoid with little success.

The main complaint is they fail quickly resulting in the vehicle coming back for warranty. This means the solenoids need to be replaced with original ones, which also means having to buy more oil (very expensive oil).

The difference in price between the AM and Original is not enough to justify taking the risk from what we keep hearing. This should be taking into consideration when replacing all the solenoids or just one.