Toyota's own W40 And W50 Series Standard Units

Among many of the Toyota transmission there is the W40 which is a 4 speed rear wheel drive transmission and the W50 is a 5 speed rwd.

In the "W" 40 series there is the W40, W46, and the the 50 series: W50, W55, W58 and the W59. There are other models that are not mentioned here because they where used in vehicles or model not present in the states; and as a result we do not carry parts for them.

Depending on year and version the cases could be aluminum or steel. The W40 speed was used in base model vehicles and where introduced in 1970 2wd Toyota Celica and Corona and was also used in the Pickups. The W46 went into service in 1983 in the pickup truck in 2 and 4 wd.

The W50 was equipped in the Pickup, Celica, Corona, Cressida and Supra from 1972-1981. In 1983 the W56 was an option in the Pick-up and 4-Runner; in 1982 the W58 for the Cressida, Supra and Tacoma. And the W59 came in the Pickup Truck, Tacoma, T100 and 4Runner from 1992 and up.

We carry many parts for all the gearbox models mentioned above including the rebuild kit, seal kits, shafts, synchronizer blocker rings, bearings, races, bushings and sliders. Visit our Standard Transmission Parts Page.

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How Do I Know The Transmission Model In My Toyota?

Do you need to order Toyota Transmission Parts?

Not sure of the transmission model you need to order the parts for?

Well, fear not; there are several ways to identify the transmission. The first way is to use the Vehicle to Transmission Index located here. Or you can simply go to the vehicles Serial Number Identification Tag which contains engine and transmission information.

Another option is to go the drivers side door and you will find a sticker or plaque with a series of information including the vehicle's vin or chassis number, manufactured by info, manufacturing date (usually month and year) and other valuable information and codes. The code we are looking for is located in the bottom left hand corner. In the example below it reads: A/TM - 742/A140L This means it is an Automatic Transmission (A/TM) and the model is A140L.

The last but not least way to check is to find the tag information off the transmission itself. Somewhere on the unit, varies by model and mfg location, there is a tag with the model number on it.

And Now The MB 722.9 Valve Body

The 722.9 is a 7 speed automatic transmission developed by Mercedes Benz. It has 7 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds. This unit is also referred to as the NAG-2, V7A-700 and the 7G-Tronic.

As best we can figure out the 722.9 transmission was introduced back in 2000 in the C Class Mercedes Benz for the markets in China, Egypt, Germany, South Africa, India and Malaysia. It came to the State in 2005 in the C Class, E Class and the S Class. Since then it has been introduced in a variety of different MB vehicles for most markets.

The valve body is one of the larger ones we have seen around here. Bigger than Nissan's RE5RO5 valve body. It has eight solenoids, speed sensors, electronic control module (ecm) and fluid temperature sensor all incorporated with in the valve body. All together it is know as the Electrohydraulic Control Module.


TCM And Valve Body Joined RE5R05A

Nissan introduced the RE5RO5A in 2000 in the Cima and Elgrand, both for the Japanese market and in 2003 in the 350Z for the US market. The Jatco designation for this unit is the JR507E

The RE5R05A is a 5 speed rear wheel drive transmission that can be used with a transfer case for 4x4 and all wheel drive applications. In addition to the vehicles already mentioned it is also used in the Pathfinder, Armada, Caravan, Fairlady Z Roadster, Fuga, Navara, NV, Skyline, Stagea and Titan. For the Infiniti we have the EX35, FX35, FX45, G35, GR37, M35, M45, Q45 and the QX56.

There are three designs to the valve body. The second and third are equipped with the transmission control module (TCM) right on the valve body. All three designs have two versions; one version has a low ohms low coast solenoid and the other version has the high ohms low/coast solenoid.

To the best of our knowledge there are possibly 3 or 4 different manufacturers for the low coast solenoid (Mitsubishi, Bosch and Hitachi). The solenoid should be interchangeable as long as the ohms resistance is correct. The valve bodies are not interchangeable from one resistance to another.

There might be other options within the valvebody that can further complicate the identification of the valve body. For example some units are not equipped with the cooler bypass valve.

Below you will find two different valve bodies, one for a Nissan and the other specifically for the Infiniti.

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Nissan RE4F04B Automatic Transmission

The Nissan RE4FO4B is a front wheel drive four speed automatic transmission. This unit was used in:
- Nissan; Altima, Maxima, Sentra, Quest, X-Trail
- Infiniti; I30, I35
- Mercury; Villager

Depending on the manufacture and other specifications the unit is also known as the RE4F04A and 4F20E by Ford.

The sift kit or valve body kit is a hot item for this unit. Below is a picture of it. The rebuild kits, filter and other parts are also available.

Ford's FM132, FM145 and FM146 Standard Transmission

The FM132, FM145 and the FM146 are 5 speed rear wheel drive standard transmissions used in the Ford Bronco II and Ranger from 1985 to 1992.

All three units share the same Gasket and Seal Kit as well as the Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit. The changes are in the synchros.

Each unit uses a different set of synchronizer block rings and this is why there are different kits when the synchros are added.

ZF's Ecomat Transmission Parts

Did you know?

We offer a full line of ZF Ecomat automatic transmission parts.

This unit is the workhorse for the ZF transmission designed for buses and motor coaches. Specifically designed for everyday city driving it offers a reliable, smooth and comfortable ride. The Ecomat has 3 generations to it and comes in 4, 5 and six speed versions.

The rebuild kits (master, banner and overhaul) are available oem and aftermarket. Other parts, such as drums, pumps, hard parts and electrical, are mostly oem.

Here is a short list of the different models:

So, if you need any parts for your unit click on the contact us link to the left and send us an email or you can always reach us by phone.

You Asked - We Listened - JF506E Wire Harness

You been asking about the wire harness for the the JF506E and we heard you loud and clear. We now carry the internal and external wire harnesses for the JF506E / VW 09A 5 Speed automatic transmission used in Volkswagen vehicles.

The internal electrical wire harness can be damaged during the rebuilding procedure or when replacing the solenoids or valve body. With time the harness can become faulty and or brittle too.

Since this unit is electronically controlled it is important to visually inspect electrical components to make sure all is in good working order. The last thing you want is to have to open the transmission again.

NP535 Might Need That Tail Housing Bushing

The New Process Gear NP-535 might be ready for that new tail housing bushing as you suspected. If there is a bushing that is most requested for this unit it would be this one.

But wait, the parts selection does not end there, we have the parts you need for this unit:
Rebuild Kits with and without synchro rings, gaskets, seals, small parts kit, synchronizer components, forks, gears and other parts.

Don't forget to inspect this bushing and other essential parts when rebuilding your NP535 or NV2500 in your Dodge Dakota. This is a part you want to swap out while the unit is out and not realize it after the unit has been rebuilt and re-installed in the vehicle.