Low Or No Fluid Pressure? Might Be Time For a New Pump (F4A41, F5A51)

Is your FA41, F4A42, F5A41 or F5A51 losing pressure or not responding with the same kick it used to? Might be time to check the pump to make sure its still all there.

The pump is like the heart of the transmission. Without a good pump everything else starts to suffer and can lead to failure. When replacing the pump check other components and use a high quality fluid. Don't forget the other two essential transmission parts; the filter and a pan gasket.

Is It A Belt Or A Chain?... VT25E CVT

A frequent topic of conversation here and with our clients is the CVT belt for the VT25-E transmission. Is it a belt or a chain? Since it has no sprocket to engage it and spins around a pair of drums it is my opinion its a belt and not a chain even though it a metal part. Let us know what you think.

Our transmission parts line up has increased for the VT25E. We now carry in addition to the rebuild kits and filter (see links here for Blog and Website):

- The belt or chain (depending on your view)
- Drive and Driven Pulleys
- Case Cover with Drive and Driven Pulleys and Chain with and without Aluminum Cover
- Torque Converter
- Valve Body

Most of the items listed here are re-manufactured or reman'd. The chain is available as an experienced (fancy word for a good used parts) and new. The case half is also available new.

So don't forget to let us know what you think about the belt and anything else on your mind on this CVT unit or anything else.