Where's the Parts? 4R100 - E4OD Center Support ...

The Center Support Aluminum Plate pictured below is the right one for both units and for all years. The Center Support Kit comes with the Hub, Shaft and Cup Plug. The Metal Sealing Rings (Direct Clutch) are used with the shaft and sold separately. Here is more info and other parts.

- Center Support Shim - Between C. Support and Case
- Center Support Hub
- Center Support Hub Bearing
- Center Support Kit (Bearing and HD-Bearing Type)

Piston Kits:
- Forward Clutch
- Direct Clutch
- Reverse Clutch; 1989-Up
- Reverse Clutch; 1993-1995 without Snap Ring
- Coast Clutch

Nothing Beats Original ZF Parts - ZF5HP18

In this post we will review electrical components for the ZF 5HP18 automatic transmission.

The solenoids for this unit are available individually or in a kit. Below are two different kits and their contents.

Solenoid Kit – 1056 298 066
(Used with Trans Model: 1056 000 087 /088 /097 /099)
- 1 x Valve Housing (1056 254 015)
- 1 x Solenoid Valve (0501 315 752)
- 5 x Solenoid Valve (0750 132 105)

Solenoid Kit – 1056 298 068
(Used with Trans Model: 1056 000 081)
- 1 x Valve Housing (1056 254 016)
- 1 x Solenoid Valve (0501 315 752)
- 5 x Solenoid Valve (0750 132 105)

The two speed sensors used in this unit are the same with part number 0501 311 086.

There is also the all important wire harness to put it all together (1056 227 024).

O-Rings, nuts, screws, terminals and other miscellaneous parts directly or indirectly related to the electrical components are available.

Dodge and Chrysler's A604 Planets and Clutch Hubs

Lets dive right into it. The planets and clutch hubs are the same for the A604 (40TE, 41TE, 41AE), A606 (42LE), and the rear wheel drive 42RLE unless otherwise noted.

The planets break down like this:

Front Planet 1989-1995
Front Planet 1996-Up

Rear Planet
- A604 1989-Early 1991
- Late 1991-1995
- 5 Pinion 1996-Up
- A606 4 Pinion with Output Shaft 1993-1995
- A606 5 Pinion with Output Shaft 1996-Up
- 42RLE 2003-Up

Planet Kits or Sets
- Front Planet, Overdrive - Reverse Clutch Hub, 2-4 Clutch Hub with Sun Gear 1989-Up
- Front with Ring Gear 1989-1995
- Front with Heat Treated Splines (All) 1996-Up
- Front and Rear (A604) 1989-Early 1991
- Front and Rear with 4 Pinion Late 1991-Up
- Front and Rear with 5 Pinion Late 1991-Up
- Front and Rear (A606) 1996-Up
- Rear with Overdrive Ratio 59 Tooth / 54 Tooth
- Rear with Underdrive Ratio 17 Tooth / 49 Tooth
- Rear Planet Ring Gear (All) 1989-Up
- Bearing, below the pinion gears for when the front planet is disassembled.

- Kit, Input Clutch Retainer without Bevel 1990-Up

Clutch Hub
- Overdrive and Reverse with Hollow Shaft 1989-1994 & 1995-Up
- Kit with Overdrive Updates (Retrofits all years from 1989-Up)
- Underdrive with Solid Shaft (All) 1989-Up
- Input Clutch; Cast Iron for 3 Ring Stator 1989
- Input Clutch; Cast Iron for 4 Ring Stator 1990-Up

- Clutch Hub & Sun Gear, 2nd-4th Clutch 1989-1995 & 1996-Up
- Piston Kit, Low / Reverse (Piston, Tin Housing, Spring and Snap Ring) All 1990-Up
- Piston Kit, 2nd-4th Clutch (Piston and Retainer) All 1989-Up

Electrical Solenoids for the ZF5HP19 Series

Solenoids for the 5HP19 are usually sold as a master kit where all the solenoids are included.

Here are the master kits available, their contents and units used with.

BMW Rear Wheel Drive, 5hp19FL FWD and 5HP19FLA AWD (1060 298 033):
- 3 Solenoid Valve (0501 316 463)
- 3 Pressure Regulator (0501 210 019)
- 3 O-Ring (0734 313 219)
- 1 Pressure Regulator (0501 210 725)
- 1 O-Ring (0634 316 523)

ZF5HP19FL Front Wheel Drive and ZF5HP19FLA All Wheel Drive (1060 298 035):
- 3 Solenoid Valve (0750 132 122)
- 4 Pressure Regulator (0501 208 542)
- 4 O-Ring (0734 313 134)
- 1 Pressure Regulator (0501 209 875)
- 1 O-Ring (0734 313 220)

Solenoids listed above are available individually and might be know as:
- Shift with Speed Sensor on Case
- Shift with Speed Sensor on Valve Body
- Pressure Regulator

GM Daewoo ZF Transmissions

Where can I get parts for my GM Daewoo ZF transmission?

This is a common question when dealing with the ZF transmission used in some of the GM Daewoos. From what I know (from research and speaking with ZF) and what I have heard from colleagues and customers ZF does not officially offer any parts for these units. Parts are only avaialbe from the dealer or aftermarket if any. We do offer the rebuild kits, filter and other parts for these units and hope to offer more parts soon.

The tag is different compared to a regular ZF tag. A regular ZF tag will have a Stueckl number (1068 010 045) as you can see in the tag to the right which the one to the left does not have. This is the first indication that ZF might not suppourt a particular unit. Another indication you will notice is the tag on the left says "Licensed by ZF". At any rate the tag information is very important when ordering parts for your ZF trans.

Sensor, Sensor , Sensors for the Jatco 5 Speed JF506E

The JF506E (VW 09A) uses three sensors, the input, output and turbine sensor. This part is used with all the JF506Es and in all models and vehicle manufactures from the latest information available. When conducting a rebuild it is recommended all three be replaced; the price of each is low enough that it makes it sensible to do so.

Since the sensor became available and known to the general public and customers its sales are keeping up with the purchases of rebuild kits, solenoid kits and valve bodies.

Getrag 290, NV1500, NV3500 & NV3550 Shafts

The Getrag 290, NV-1500, 3500 and 3550 where primarily used with GM, Dodge, Jeep and Isuzu vehicles. In this post we will discuss the different shafts and option available. We have also added some pictures below. We will continue adding pictures to this post specific to its topic. Remember you can click on any picture to make it larger.

When you see a part listing that says "no groove" it means that the part has no grooves at all. Grooves are sometimes used as an identification feature. For example in the picture below of the Getrag 290 Input shaft if you look closely at the end of the shaft you will see three grooves.

Input Shaft
26 Tooth, Chevy 1980-1990 (33mm bearing)
26 Tooth, Chevy 1991-1995 (23mm bearing)
26 Tooth, Chevy 1996-Up
26 Tooth, Dodge 1994-1996
35 Tooth, Dodge 1997-Up

Main Shaft - Full Size
2 WD, Getrag 1991-1993
4 WD, Getrag 1988-1990
4 WD, Getrag 1991-1993
2 WD, Getrag World Class 1993-Up
4 WD, Getrag World Class 1993-Up

Cluster Shaft
No Groove 1994-1996
No Groove 1997-Up
0.25" Groove 1994-1995
0.25" Groove 1996-Up, NV3500 S10 Only
1" Groove, 1" End 1988-1990
1" Groove, 1.1875" End 1991-1993
1" Groove, 1.300" Large Ends 1996-Up

New Pics for the G4A-EL / 4EAT-G

Just posted! New parts pictures for the G-4EAT.

There is a Low/Reverse and Forward Sprag, here are the options available.

Low Overrunning Sprag with Outer Race
- 7 Lugs 0.520" Thick
- 7 Lugs 0.550" Thick
- 9 Lugs 0.520" Thick

- Forward Sprag

Moving on to the Drums and Clutch Hubs. We will detail the different options here and keep posting pictures as they become available.

- 3-4 Clutch with 16 Tooth Steels
- 3-4 Clutch with 30 Tooth Steels and 1.515" Overhaul Height
- 3-4 Clutch with 30 Tooth Steels and 1.655" Overhaul Height
- Reverse (20 Spline); 3 Forward Clutches, 12 Tooth Reverse and 32 Tooth Forward Steels
- Reverse (20 Spline); 4 Forward Clutches, 12 Tooth Reverse and 16 Tooth Forward Steels
- Reverse (20 Spline); 4 Forward Clutches, 32 Tooth Reverse and 32 Tooth Forward Steels
- Reverse (22 Spline); 1986-1987 and 1988-1992
- Band Drum with 2 Clutches (Square Tooth Frictions)
- Band Drum with 3 Clutches and 1.50" Band (Square Tooth Frictions)
- Band Drum with 3 Clutches and 1.75" Band (Square Tooth Frictions)
- Band Drum with 2 Clutches and 1.50" Band (Pointed Tooth Frictions)

Clutch Hub
- Low Clutch with Inner Race (10 or 39 inner tooth)

Brake Bands
- Non Turbo 1.50" Wide
- Non Turbo 1.50" Wide High Energy
- Turbo 1.75" Wide


Update! 09G Transmission Frictions

I received word about a month ago that the 09G, a/k/a Aisin Warner TF60SN, could come with 52 or 60 tooth frictions in the K2 clutch pack.

My guess is that it will depend on the vehicle model like the Nissan RE5R05A where some vehicles use the 50 tooth reverse frictions or the 40 tooth reverse frictions like the Titan, Armada and QX56.

This is just a guess. As soon as more information is available it will be posted on this blog. If you have any comments or information regarding this post please comment.

The GM 4T65-E Automatic Transmission Parts

The 4T60E and The 4T65E share many parts; for example the brake bands as pictured below. But there are parts that are unique only to the 4T65E and those are the ones we will talk about in this post.

The Sonnax Sure Cure Valve Body Kit works from 1997 and up. Superior makes the Shift Correction Package (97-Up) and the Shift Kit from Transgo (97-04) are also available.

The hy-vo chain from Morse Tec illustrated below is 1/2 inch wide with D pins and mouse ear links and comes with two chains in the box. There is also a 1" wide racing chain (97-Up both).

The forward (rear), reverse (front) and 2-1 coast (center) brake band are the same for all years. From 2001 and up there is a hi-energy version in stock.

The Clearance Kit for 2nd, 3rd and forward clutch packs contins a snap ring (0.082"), 2 second clutch steels (0.090") and 5 third clutch friction/steel combination plates with external teeth.

How to Identify the Part Number of My ZF Transmission?

A very common question when a client orders specific transmission parts for the ZF I usually ask them for the year, make, model, vin number of the vehicle and the part number of the transmission. Then the question is where is the part number at? The number is a 10 digit number on the tag of the transmission.

The tag is either attached to the main housing or as part of the casting of the main housing like in the picture below. In this tag the first line is the serial number, the second number the part number of the transmission and the third number down is the model number (ZF6HP26).

The number needed is the part number which usual is 10 digits. In this case the part number is 1068 010 045. This number enables us to determine the correct parts for this particular unit. For example the ZF4HP20 has about 6 different part numbers for solenoid kits. With the 10 digit part number off the tag of the transmission the right one can be selected and you receive the right part the first time.

This is the reason why it is so important to have this information. The more information available the better it ensures that you receive the right part the first time.