BMW X5 Transfer Case Sprocket Assembly

The friction and steel set (sprocket kit) are now in stock and ready to ship.

A common question we hear all the time is what is the difference between the transfer case in the early BMW X5 to the late ones.

From 1999 to about early 2003 the BMW X5 came with a case known as the NV125 which has a planetary gear and no electrical components. In 2003 there could have been one of three cases. The NV125 is clearly identified by the round red tag that indicated it is an NV125.

The the LWX-500 was produced for only a few months and is similar to the NV125. It has a planetary gear and no electrical components. This case does not have the distinctive NP round tag. Although very similar to the NV-125 there are part changes in the inside like the output shaft aka driven gear.

In the ATC-500 the planetary gear was replaced for a clutch pack (frictions and steels) and a shift motor (an electrical component). The clutch pack comes as an assembly known as the Drive Sprocket Kit.

The BMW X3 ATC-400 has the same set up as the ATC-500.

Intergrated Transfer Case ITC

What does ITC stand for?

Does your transfer case have the letters ITC on it? Ever wonder what that means? It stands for Integrated Transfer Case. Vehicle manufactures have made arrangements with transfer case companies like New Process to produce or modify transfer cases specifically for a particular vehicle.

In 2003 the Mercedes Benz ML320 went from using the BW4409 to the ITC. In 2011 the Jeep Grand Cherokee introduced the ITC and from what I am able to tell the LandRover Discovery in 2010.

As sections of the industry moves to All Wheel Drive systems instead of having the option for it, more of the ITC and cases like it are likely to keep pooping up. At the begging it might make it harder to identify it for replacement parts but as time goes by it will become easier to do so.

4L30E Solenoid Kits

Over the past year we have seen an increase demand for the 4L30E solenoid kit listing on the website.

We heard you loud and clear and added the three different solenoid kit available. We all know that it is a real good idea to change them all once you are in there. The truth is no one wants to go back in to change another solenoid, buy more fluid, change the pan gasket again..... once you have been in there.

There is one kit for years 1990 to 1999 for BMW only, from 1990 to 1999 for Non-BMW vehicles and one for 2000 and up regardless of vehicle manufacture.

But if you do decide you only need one or two solenoids we can help there to.

Cadillac SRX Transfer Case Noises

Are the popping noise coming from under the SRX keeping you up at night? Not sure what it is or how expensive its going to be to fix?

We hear that a lot around here. The Cadillac SRX came equipped with the Borg Warner 4476 Transfer Case. The transfer case sends some of the power produced by the transmission to the front wheels and the rest goes to the back wheels.

The original transfer case chain (CT-HV-080) was replaced with the CT-HV-095 chain. The 095 was developed for the Cadillac 265 and 295 equipped with the BW4479. Our understanding is both chains are the same in every manner except the 095 is a bit stronger.

The usual symptoms of a chain needing replacement is the sound of a popping noise under the vehicle when you speed up from a complete stop or the vehicle is under a big load.

If you would like to identify the transfer case model just go under the vehicle and locate the transfer case. Look for a white sticker or the casting marks on the case it self.

BMW X5 ATC-500 Transfer Case

The BMW X5 is on its third transfer case model. The first one was the New Venter 125, the second is the ATC500 and the latest one is the ATC700.

The NV125 is relatively a simple case to work on. It has three major bearings, three seals, a drive and driven sprocket, chain and other smaller parts.

The ATC500 on the other hand is a bit more complex. Unlike its predecessor it replaced the planetary gear with a clutch pack and contains a pump and a shift motor. This unit was introduced in late 2003; around October of '03.

If you are not sure which case you have you can simply go to the case and check for the transfer case shift motor. There are other exterior difference but this is the most obvious.

Internally you already know about the planet and clutch pack as well as the pump. You can also look at the chain. The chain has one blue link for the NV125 and two blue links for the ATC500.

The ATC-500 also has four instead of three major bearings and two plastic dust covers (the other having only one metal dust cover).

More information will be coming for the ATC700 as it comes in. Stay tuned!