AODE, 4R70W Valve Body

The valve body of any automatic transmission is a vital component of the unit. It controls line pressure thus regulating when a unit shifts among other functions. Most rebuilds should include a valve body kit at the very least. Some kits are more extensive than others and some are more specialized. For example some valve body kits are designed for high performance or heavy duty applications.

Pictured below is valve body for an AODE / 4R70W 1991 and up. Here is a list of the different options for the valve bodies available for the AOD family of Ford transmissions.

- AOD with 4th Accumulator 1980-1987
- AOD with out 4th Accumulator 1987-1993
- AODE with F2 Cast 1992
- AODE with F3 Cast 1993-1995
- 4R70W with 2/3 Accumulator Plate, Wired Harness and Cast F6 1996-1997
- 4R70W with 2/3 Accumulator Plate, Solid Harness and Cast F6 1998-2000
- 4R70W / 4R75W without 2/3 Accumulator Plate 2000-Up

A413, A470, A670 Pump

Here we will go into detail about the different pumps available for the A404 (30TH), A413, A470 and A670 (31TH)

There are several options depending on year and certain specifications. Please keep in mind the following when ordering to ensure you receive the proper parts.

- 1 Ring on Input Shaft / 1978-1985
- 2 & 3 Ring Input Shaft / 1986-1998 (Pictured Below)
- Non Crescent 12 Lobe Drive Gear / 1999-Up

Here are the different options if you need to order just the pump gears:

- .591" with 2 lugs on inner gear / 1978-1985
- .589" with mill flats on inner gear / 1986-Up
- .591" with mill flats on inner gear / 1986-Up

AXOD, AXODE Accumulator Springs

The AXOD, AXODE and AX4S are equipped with 3 accumulators; the 1-2, 3-4 and neutral drive accumulators.

The accumulator are generally made up of the:

- Piston
- Seal
- Outer Spring
- Inner Spring
- Pin

Here is what you need to know when ordering accumulator parts for the transmission mentioned above.

1-2 Accumulator:
- Outer Spring - 3.0L Yellow or 3.8L Tan / Brown
- Inner Spring - Yellow, Brown / Purple or Pink

3-4 Accumulator:
- Outer Spring - Green or White
- Inner Spring - Green

Neutral Drive Accumulator:
- Outer Spring - Only one made.
- Inner Spring - Only one made (Pictured Below).

Each accumulator has its own piston and the pin is the same for all three. An Accumulator Bore Sleeve Kits are also available.

ZF5HP24 Gasket and End Plate

The gasket pictured below is the one that goes behind the Intermediate plate. The Intermediate Plate is where the Pump bolts on to. The ZF part number of the gasket is 0501 315 821.

The End Plate pictured is the one that goes into the Input Shaft Drum. The part number for this part is 1058 370 057. The End Plate is the is secured in by a snap ring and caps the clutch pack into the drum.

Borg Warner 4476 Transfer Case

The BW-4476 Transfer Case is used in the Cadillac SRX from 2003 and up; on some GM models with full time AWD; and Cadillac 265 and 295 2004 and Up.

The Seal Kit and Bearing and Seal Kit are pictured below for the BW4476. There are three possible chain models for this unit:

- GM Full Time: 1.25" wide, 84 Pitches and 42 Links
- Cadillac SRX: 1.50" wide, 74 Pitches and 37 Links (Pictured Below)
- Cadillac 265 & 295": 1.50" wide, 74 Pitches and 37 Links

Even though both Cadillac chain specs are identical there are still two different part numbers.