ZF4HP16 Automatic Rebuild Kit Announcement

The ZF-4HP16 is a 4 speed front wheel drive transmission for passenger cars from ZF Friedrichshafen AG. We are pleased to announce the transmission rebuild kits with and without molded piston kits. Here some of the other parts available:

Overhaul Kit
Banner Kit; with or without pistons
Master Kit; with or without pistons
Piston Kit
Ring Kit
Pan Gasket

This unit is available in the:

Daewoo Magnus, Rezzo, Nudira, Lano, Tacuma U100
Chevy Epica, Optra
Suzuki Forenza, Verona, Reno,


ZF5HP19 Rear Wheel Drive Center Support

The ZF-5HP19 comes in rear wheel drive and front wheel drive versions. The center support drum, also know as the the "D" drum, is different in the RWD and the FWD. The RWD center support for the 5HP19 is the same for the 5HP18.

The FWD was introduced in 1995 in the Audi and the Volkswagen and the RWD in 1997 in the BMW. Some of the parts are shared in both versions and others are not like the "D" drum, pan gasket, solenoids...

5L40E - 5L50E Thrust Washers and Cushion Spring

The plastic thrust washers for the 5L40E/50E automatic transmission are not yet available individually or as a kit from the dealer as of the date of this post. Two of the thrust washer in this unit have a tendency of breaking up or melting.

The two washers are the "forward sprag, direct drum and shaft assembly" and the "overdrive clutch hub and intermediate sprag assembly." These two washers are now available as a kit. This will alleviate a huge headache if you need them to finish your rebuild. Many of our clients rebuilding the unit have commented how glad they are to know we have them (pictured below).

Another major problem for the re-builder tends to be the intermediate cushion spring. These springs tend to break and are not easily available. These springs are now available as well.

Mercedes Benz 722.3 Valve Body

The 722.3, a/k/a W4A040, series transmission from Mercedes Benz is a 4 speed rear wheel drive transmission. Regardless of where the vehicle was sold or the market it was produced for the 722.3 rarely changes. It was introduced in the States in 1981 and fazed out in 1995.

The valve body for this unit is becoming harder and harder to find everyday as the transmission ages. The valve body kit, only available from 1981 to 1990, does not cover a complete rebuild. And to the best of my knowledge the dealer no longer carries this valve body.

If you are searching for this valve body please contact us for pricing and availability. Don't forget to include the year, make and model of the vehicle, as there might be other manufactures using MB drive train, and the inked code on the valve body itself.

Aisin Warner TF-80SC, TF-81SC

The Aisin Warner AW TF-80SC and TF-81SC is a 6 speed front wheel drive unit. It replaced the 5 speed front wheel drive Jacto JF506E in some vehicle models. The TF-80SC is also know as the AF40 and AF4 depending on the vehicle manufacture and the the TF-81SC is also know as the AF21 and AW21.

It was introduced in 2005 and used by Ford for the Five Hundred, Freestyle, Mondeo and Fusion. Lincoln uses it in the MKZ and Zephyr; the Milan, and Montego for Mercury Models. Mazda 6S (AW6A-EL), CX7, CX9 and 2007 MPV came supplied with this unit as the Volvo V60R, V70R, 80 and 90 Series. The Opel Vectra Zafira, and some non-US models of Saab, Lancia, Vauxhall and Peugeot vehicles are equipped with this unit too. Alfa Romeo's 159; Citroen's C4, C5, C6 and C8 (AM6); Land Rover's Freelander II and LR2 are also epuipeed with it.

There might be some slight differences in the unit, for example the bell housing metal clad seal is different between the Ford Fusion and the 500 but the overall configuration is the same.

External Transmission Coolers

A transmission cooler can be a crucial component to help the life of your transmission. The transmission cooler works under the same principle as the radiator for the engine in your vehicle; it helps regulate temperature. The difference between the two is that the radiator uses radiator fluid that flows into and out of the engine and transmission fluid travels to and from the cooler.

Some vehicles come equipped with a transmission cooler as part of the radiator or as a separate part. Heavy duty pickups or vehicles equipped with towing packages usually have a separate external transmission cooler like the one pictured below.

It is suggested to install an external cooler if you tow boats or trailers, live in a hilly or mountains area, use your vehicle in an extreme area or in an extreme or recreational way (racing, mudding, off-road) or live in a particularly hot climate. Even if the above does not fall in your category it might still be a great idea installing an external cooler. Buses, coaches, semi trucks, heavy or industrial machinery and mobile or motor homes should have external coolers too.

External coolers come in different sizez and for different gross vehicle weight (gvw) from 12,000 to 30,000 gvw. An external cooler can extend the life of the transmission and transmission fluid, guard against premature and or costly repairs and protects against burnouts and boilovers.

We offer Hayden, Hayden Transaver Plus, Hayden Allison AT540 HD, Tru Cool High Efficiency, and Tru Cool Low Pressure and Heavy Duty Recreational and Industrial specific external transmission coolers. The one pictured below is a Hayden 16,000 gvw and measures 15 1/2 x 5 x 3/4" inch.

Allison 700 Series Transmission

The Allison 700 Series transmission is used in buses and trucks. The banner kit is compatible with all units in the series (700, 740, 750, 754...). Due to weight, the master kit is not available; the steels that would come in the master kit are available individually. The lockup friction and the backing plate for the lockup clutch are not included in the kit and should be ordered separately as required.

There is an internal and external filter. The internal filter comes with a 6" or 7" pickup tube. The external spin-on filter has a 2 quart capacity and is fitted with or without the adapter. Bushings, thrust washers can be ordered individually, there is a sealing ring kit too.

The pump come in two different configurations, two gear or three gear. Other pump parts and hard parts are now in stock. Please call if you have any questions or need to order Allison Parts.

REOF21A CVT Transmission

The REOF21A is a CVT transmission. As mentioned in earlier posts in this blog the Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT is gaining more and more popularity for its increase in fuel economy. Every major automobile manufacture is implementing the technology and as it improves we can expect it to keep growing in popularity.

The REOF21A is one of the units used by Nissan in its Nissan March K12 and the Cube. This design is light weight and reliable and uses a torque converter. Below you will find a picture of the unit and if you click on it you will view it larger on your screen.

F4A-EL, F4EAT Drums and Clutch Hubs

The F-4EAT, name used by Ford, and the F4A-EL, name used by Mazda, are the same transmission introduced in 1990 and used by Kia in some models beginning in 2000.

All the parts written in this posting work with this unit from 1990 and up. There are three different possibilities for the 3-4 clutch drum (.071", .091" and .130" steel). This transmission also contains a reverse and forward clutch (pictured below back and front and with beveled return spring), 2-4 drum or band drum, it is named this way to reflect this is the drum that is braked by the band. There is the coast clutch drum, a low / reverse clutch hub with 34 teeth and the coast clutch hub with inner race.

Other parts associated with the drums and hubs are the piston kits for 3-4 clutch, reverse clutch and coast clutch. A drum saver kit for the forward is available.

5L40E, 5L50E Rebuild Kit Year Change

The 5L40E and the 5L50E share the same automatic transmission rebuild kits regardless of year and application. BMW and Cadillac are the major automobile manufactures using this transmission (X5, CTS, XLR).

From 1999 to 2001 is the same and then in 2002 and up it changes. Sometimes the 99-01 is referred to as the small diameter and the 02 and up as the large diameter. This is due to the overall diameter of the 2nd clutch and the 2nd coast frictions and steels.

In some instances I have seen the small diameter carry over in early 2002 models. I have one client with a 2002 BMW X5 where this occurred. If you are not sure if you have the small or large diameter version of the transmission all you need to do is measure the overall diameter of the 2nd clutch and coast frictions.

The frictions and steels are double sided in this unit. They can be identified by the tooth directions. In the frictions the tooth are internal and the steels have external teeth. Below you will find a count of each friction and steel needed individually; the number of each does not change for year difference. The second coast and clutch will be left last with diameter size. Besides the two frictions that change there are differences in the pistons and the filter changes for each application. Everything else as far as the kits are the same. The master and banner kits are available with or with out the piston kit.

Overdrive Frictions and Steels: 2 each
Coast Frictions and Steels: 3 each
Intermediate Frictions and Steels: 3 each
Direct Frictions and Steels: 4 each
Forward Frictions and Steels: 4 each
Reverse Frictions and Steels: 2 each
Low Reverse Frictions: 5
Low Reverse Steels: 4

2nd Coast 173mm overall diameter Frictions: 3 (1999-2001 small diameter)
2nd Coast 176mm overall diameter Frictions: 3 (2002-Up large diameter)

2nd Coast 173mm overall diameter Steels: 4 each (1999-2001 small diameter)
2nd Coast 176mm overall diameter Steels: 4 each (2002-Up large diameter)

2nd Clutch 130mm overall diameter Frictions and Steels: 5 each (1999-2001 small diameter)
2nd Clutch 138mm overall diameter Frictions and Steels: 5 each (2002-Up large diameter)

AW50-40LE, AW50-42LE Torque Converter

The AW50-40Le and the AW50-42LE are 4 speed automatic transmission manufactured by Aisin Warner. Presently Toyota is the major share holder of Aisin Warner with Aisin Seiki coming in second. Originally created to produce rear wheel drive units, Aisin now makes front wheel drive and all wheel drive units including power trains for hybrid vehicles.

There are four possible torque converters for the 50-40LE (AF14-20) and the 50-42LE (50-42LM). Two converters are for most applications and there are two specifically used in the Volvo.

Here is the information for the regular one:

O.D.: 10.4" / Pads: 6 / Pilot Height: 1.75" / Codes: 40A010, C8K19, VK09N
O.D.: 10.4" / Pads: 6 / Pilot Height: 1.25" / Codes: 40A030

Here is the information for the Volvo:

O.D.: 10.25" / Pads: 6 / Pilot Height: 1.25" / Codes: 40A020, Q2, HO6, 16U
O.D.: 11.15" / Pads: 6 / Pilot Height: 1.30" / Codes: 42A010, 42A020 (Saab)

Here is a list of some of the vehicles that use the AW 50-40 and 50-42LE transmission (gear box):

Volvo 40, C70, 700 and 850 Series
Opel Vectra, Astra, Calibra, Cavalier, Zafira and Sintra
Suzuki Aerio
Diahatsu Charade
Saab 9'2, 9'3 and 9'5 models
Daewoo Espero
Renault Saffrane Mk2
Vauxhall Astra, Calibra, Cavalier and Zafira
Kia Clarus

O.D. = Overall Diameter (AF20, AF22)

AODE 4R70W Solenoid

The AODE, 4R70W and the 4R75W are four speed automatic transmission made by Ford. They use three solenoids; the shift, torque converter control or lock up (TCC) and the electronic pressure control (EPC) solenoids. Below you will find a picture of each with the year range.

There are master solenoid kits for 1992-1994 and from 1995-1997; the kits include all three solenoids. The shift solenoid go from 1992 to 1997 and 1998 and up. The TCC solenoid go from 1992 to 1994, 1995 to 1997 and 1998 and up. The EPC is from 1992 to 1997, 1998 to 2004 and 2005 and up.

AODE, 4R70W Transmission

The AODE and the 4R70W is a 4 speed electronically controlled automatic transmission manufactured by the Ford Motor Company; it is used in passenger and light duty trucks.

The AOD, which is hydraulically controlled, is a 4 speed automatic transmission which was introduced in 1980 and used until 1993. In 1992 the AODE was introduced and ultimatley replaced the AOD. In 1993 the designation 4R70W first appeared, around 1995 AODE was dropped from the lineup. All these transmission are in the same family.

In 2003 4R70W was replaced by the 4R75W. Other names used for this unit are 4R70E and 4R75E. Some parts are the same for every year like the reverse brake band. Other parts change between years and or designation.

Some of the vehicles that uses this transmission line is the E150, Expedition, Explorer, F150, Mustang and Town Car just to name a few. Below are pictures of some of the parts. The torrington bushing kit, overdrive brake band and filter are not compatible with the AOD. The thrust washer kit and reverse brake band fit the AOD, AODE, 4R70W and the other ones.