JF506E 09A Solenoid Not Shifting

Gary M. of North Carolina called a couple of weeks ago about a transmission issue of his 2003 VW Jetta. He explained when he turned the car on in the morning it would have trouble shifting gears and after 15 minutes or so it would shift just fine. I suggested he should take the car to have it scanned to see if any codes came up. He said he took it to his local auto parts store and the scanner came up with nothing.

So what is going on? What is this so-called morning sickness? How is this possible he asked? Can I just change one or two, or three solenoids to fix the problem?

This transmission is the Jatco JF506E, also known as the 09A by VW, is a 5-speed front wheel drive automatic with 9 solenoids. The solenoids are heavily tasked during shifting. More than one solenoid could be, and usually is, working in order to accomplish the shifting process.

The solenoids have a small shaft that moves in and out. The shaft sits on a small bushing, much like the bushing you find in the tail housing of a transmission. With time, the bushing starts to wear down. When the transmission fluid is cold it is thicker (more viscous) and the solenoid shaft gets stuck on the bushing. When the transmission reaches operating temperature the fluid is less viscous and the solenoids work as it should for the most part.

The N92 solenoid, one of two with a green connector, usually is the canary in the mine.  One solenoid could cost between $45.00 to $100.00 or more. Replacing three solenoids could end up costing more than the kit. Replacing all nine solenoids while you are there is a good idea. The oil is expensive and you don’t want to do this again.
Gary ordered a solenoid kit and called to let us know that it all went well and he is back on the road.

Things to check while replacing solenoids:

1 . Inspect the solenoid and sensor wire harnesses to make sure they are in good shape.

2 . Make sure all the solenoids to harness connections are lined up property and secure.

3 .  Use the vehicle manufacture’s recommended oil only.

4 . Have a pan gasket ready just in case you need one (our kit comes with a free gasket).

5 . Make sure you have an original solenoid kit for this transmission model like the one we sell, click here to see the listing. We hear a lot of problems with the aftermarket ones.