Dodge NP250 Manual Transmission

The NP-250 is a 3 speed rear wheel drive transmission used by some Dodge vehicles. There is a kit with a 14mm wide rear main shaft bearing and one with a 17mm.

Cap Manual Transmission

The CAP is a 5 speed front wheel drive transmission used in the Ford Capri from 1991 to 1994 with the 1.6L engine. The Capri Turbo with the same years uses a similar transmission and it is known as the CAPT.

The OD differential bearing on the CAP is 60mm and in the CAPT it is 68mm.

Ford Escort Transmission

The Ford Motor Co. used the Escort name from 1967 to 1974 with a 3 speed rear wheel drive transmission, the BW-T35. The Escort came back in 1981 with a 3 speed front wheel drive, the ATX, that was produced until 1990. And from 1990 to 2003 a 4 speed front wheel drive unit was used known as the 4EAT-F also referred to the F4A-EL.

In 1991 the Escort and Tracer where replaced by models based on a Mazda platform that was also used in the Mazda 323. A version of the 323 was sold by Ford in Europe known as the Ford Laser, which had replaced the rear wheel drive Escort. The GT version of the Escort was the equivalent of the XR3i in Europe.

The Ford Escort ZX2 is the sportiest of the line; it shared the 2.0L engine with the Ford Mondeo, Contour and Mercury Mystique. Eventually the Escort badge was dropped and produced simply as the ZX2 until the escort was replaced by the Ford Focus.

New Process Remanufactured Gear Boxes

We now offer a full line of quality re-manufactured New Process transfer case units.

When ordering a transfer case gearbox we need the year, make and model of the vehicle, as well as all the information on the tag.

Here are just a few examples of the units we carry:

Escalade NP149

Astro Van - NP136
Avalanche - NP246
Blazer - NP231 / NP233
C10, C20 - NP203 / NP205
K1500, K1500, K3500 - NP241 / NP243
S10 Pickup - NP207
Silverado - NP261
Suburban - NP208
Tahoe - NP246
Trailblazer - NP120

Ram - NP-231 / NP-241
Dakota - NP-242 / NP-244
Durango - NP-133 / NP-144
Ram Charger - NP-203 / NP-208
W100 - NP-203
W150 - NP-241
W200, W250 - NP-208
W300, W400 - NP-205

Bronco - NP203
Excursion - NP273
F100 - NP205
F150 - NP208
F250, F350 - NP271

Jimmy - NP207
Safari - NP136
Sierra - NP263XHD
Yukon - NP243

H1 - NP242


Pickup, Travelall - NP205

Ascender - NP126 / NP226

Cherokee - NP207
Comanche - NP231
Commander - NP245
Grand Cherokee - NP249
Grand Wagoneer - NP208
Liberty - NP231
Wrangler - NP241

Raider Pickup - NP233

Bravada - NP136

Trailduster - NP203

New GM Transmission Models

General Motors has introduced new transmission models in the past couple of years in an effort to increase gas mileage. The Continuously Variable Transmission or more commonly known as the CVT has recently become a popular option for all automobile manufactures. The CVT has no set gears like a regular automatic; it contains a infinite number of gears adjusting to the engine for maximum efficiency.

Some of GM's new transmissions are the 6L45, 6L50 and the 6L80. These transmission are rear wheel drive six speed units. The numbers following the letter "L", which stands for longitude, is the relative torque capacity of the unit. The 6L45 is a 6 speed rear wheel drive unit with a relative torque capacity of 45.

6T70 and the 6T75 are front wheel drive units and the "T" stands for transverse, which is usually associated with front wheel drive transmissions. The 6T75 is a 6 speed front wheel drive unit with a relative torque capacity of 75.

Hyundai Transfer Case Chain

Hyundai has employed different transfer cases for the vehicles it manufactures. And different transfer cases use different chains. Here we will speak about a few of the chains and their dimensions.

A1 Van and Galloper with the BorgWarner BW4402: 1.00" inch wide, 62 pitches at .5033", 31 links with a round pin design.

Terracan, Highlander and A1 with the BW4424 ESOF: 1.00" inch wide, 62 pitches at .5033", 31 links with a round pin design.

Terracan, Highlander and A1 with the BW4424 TOD: 1.25" inch wide, 74 pitches at .4346", 37 links with a rocker pin design. This chain has two blue links separated by one one link.

(HV-27, HV-70)

Geo Standard Transmissions

Geo is a General Motors brand that focused on small import vehicles. GM had joint ventures with Toyota, Suzuki and Isuzu to produce the Geo line of vehicles. Around 1997 Geo was integrated with the Chevy line up.

Prizm 1989-1991 / 1.6L, C51 / 5 Speed FWD, Synchro Assembly - Wire Type Springs

Prizm 1992-Up 1992 / 1.6, 1.8L C51 / 5 Speed FWD, Synchro Assembly - Coil Type Springs

Storm 1990-1993 / 1.6, 1.8L MR8 / 5 Speed FWD

Metro 1989-Up / 1.0, 1.3L MV3 / 5 Speed FWD

Tracker 1989-Up / 1.6, 2.0 / 5 Speed RWD

The Geo Tracker manual transmission was also used in the Suzuki Sidekick. It was available in 2Wd and 4Wd versions. Rebuild kits and synchros are different for the 2 and 4 wheel drives.

Ssangyong Transfer Case Chains

Ssang-yong is South Korean car company. It was founded in 1954 Hadonghwan Motor Company. In 1977 it changed its name to Dong-A Motor. In 1988 the company was taken over by Ssangyong Business Group and the name was chaged to Ssangyong Motor. In 1998 Daewoo Motors purchased a controlling stake in the company and in 2000 sold its controlling stake in Sang-Yong Motors to the Chinese company Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC).

Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) 4400143015 uses the Borg Warner Gear BW-4423 or the BW-4421 with a 1.25" inch wide chain with 74 pitches at .4346", 37 links and a rocker pin design.

2003 and Up A100 Rodius and Y250 Rexton uses the Borg Warner Gear 4426 with the Torque on Demand (TOD) feature with a 1 inch" wide chain with 74 pitches at .4346", 37 links and a rocker pin design.

Y250 Rexton, C100 Actyon, Q100PU, D100 Koron uses the BorgWarner Gear BW-4426 2 speed ESOF PT with a 1" inch wide chain with 62 pitches at .5033", 31 links and a round pin design.

2005 and Up D100, Y250 and the Y300 uses the BorgWarner Gear BW-4427 with a 1.25" inch wide chain with 74 pitches at .4346", 37 links and a round pin design. This chain has two blue links separated by one link.

(HV-051, HV-067, HV-027, HV-070)

FOG Standard Transmission

The FOG is a 4 speed manual transmission with a German design.

The FOG gearbox is used in the AMC 1977 to 1979 with the 2.0 liter Volkswagen engine. It is also used in some Ford models.

Rebuild kits are available with and without synchros.

New Process 235

The NP235 transfer case is also referred to as the NV235. The NP-235 is used in the Porsche and Volkswagen SUVs. The chain is 1.50" wide, 98 pitches at 3/8", 49 links and a rocker pin design.

The NV stands for New Venture Gear and the NP stands for New Process. NP is part of the NV company.

HED Standard Transmission

The HED is a manual transmission used in Ford vehicles, it is a 3 speed rear wheel drive.

This unit has a top cover with 4 bolts. The second gear could be either 19, 20 or 22 tooth and there are different configurations for the input, main and cluster shafts.

Mitsubishi and Chrysler Manual Transmission F5M33, W5M61, W6MG1...

The F5M33 standard transmission is a 5 speed front wheel drive (FWD) unit used in the Dodge Stealth and Mitsubishi 300GT with the 3.0L engine. It is also used int the 2.0 liter Turbo Eclipse, Laser and Eagle Talon. This is the two wheel drive unit and not the all wheel drive (AWD). This unit's case is usually stamped with " F5M332 ".

The W5MG1 is a 5 speed AWD standard the 3.0L 300GT and Stealth with the 12 bolt aluminum cover. Its transfer case is unique to this unit as it is a 6 speed.

There are some differences in parts for these units. Here are some.

The synchro, bearing, gasket and seal kits are different for each unit. When ordering the kits with synchros or the synchro kit by itself more information is needed on the unit for the proper kit. Please contact us for more information.

The counter shaft bearing is the same for the 5 and 6 speed and it is different for the rear one. The center differential bearing cap transmission used in the 3.0L Stealth and 3000 GT. This unit has a 12 bolt aluminum cover. Transfer cases for the AWD from 1990 to 1992 are equipped with a 35mm tapered input front bearing and from 1992 and up it measures 38mm.

The W6MG1 is a 6 speed AWD standard transmission, the center differential cap bearings are 58mm and 35mm. Three different sizes are available for the differential bearing: 68, 75 or 80 millimeters. The tapered input bearing is either 35 or 38mm.

(Getrag Design,)