New Process NP273D and NP273F Trasnfer Case

The NP271 and NP273 are used in both Fords and Dodges pickup trucks and known for their size and strength. The 271 is manually shifted and the 273 is electronically shifted.
Since the New Process 273 is an electric shift transfer case it has a shift motor or an actuator which means it has a harness to supply electricity and information to the vehicles computer.  It is possible for the connections to have moisture issues if submerged in water and should be checked for oxidation, rust and other related issues.

The front drive shaft is a common cause to a broken front case half. A worn cv joint in the drive shaft causes it to spin with a whipping action that can result the case to break. If repairing or maintaining the unit inspect the cv joint, mounts and cross member to make sure all are in good working order.

Although there are many similarities in this transfer cases differences do exist. If a case half needs to be ordered, locate the casting number in order to determine the correct part number. Bearing kits and seal kits are different for the Dodge (BK485A / TSK273D) and the Ford (BK485 / TSK273).

And if you need to replace the case in your Ram 2500, 3500, F250, F350 or F450 with a reman unit, we can help with that too.

BMW NV125 Transfer Case Reman / Rebuilt Unit

X5 ID TagThe BMW X5 showed up around 1998 and has captured our interest ever since.  It is a beautiful addition and a bold move from BMW at the time and since have added two smaller SUVs to the production line. But like any other mechanical equipment, maintenance is a part of life and every now and then there are break downs that need to be addressed.

From its release to 2002 and some 2003 the transfer case used was the NV125. The NV stands for New Venture or also referred to in the industry as New Process.

After many years of selling parts for this transfer case we know the chain is a part that should be replaced whenever you have to go into the unit. And there are three other parts that should also be replaced which are the chain snubber, the plastic washer and the plastic caged bearing. These are wear parts and always a good idea to replace while in the unit.

If you try to purchase any parts from the dealer they will tell you that you need to replace the complete transfer case or as it is known in other parts of the world, the transfer box.
But with Cobra you have options. You can rebuild it yourself or purchase a remanufactured one from us, either way you choose the best option for you. 

Our remanufactured NV-125 comes with new seals, bearings, chain, plastic washer, plastic caged bearing, snubber and hard parts are carefully inspected for optimum results and customer satisfaction. We would not sell a remanufactured unit we wouldn’t put in our own vehicle.