Dodge NP A230 Gear Box

The NP A230 is a 3 speed rear wheel drive gearbox used in the Dodge:

Light Trucks from 1970 to 1980
Trailduster from 1970 to 1980

This transmission is also refereed to as NP230, NP 230, A230...

Toyota J30 Standard Transmission

The J30 is a 3 speed rear wheel drive manual gearbox used in the four wheel drive Landcruiser with the 3.9 liter engine from 1967 to 1974.

J4A4 Acura Standard Transmission

The J4A4 is a 5 speed trans axle standard transmission.

The J4 A4 is used in the Acura NSX and NSX-T from 1991 to 1996.

Transmission codes can be located on the gear box itself.


The DLTC46FHJ1 AA CVT is used primarily in three different Fiat Models. In the Punto Model the transmission can be used as a full automatic or a standard (manual) shift mode with six or seven different distinct pre-programmed electronically controlled shifts. Depending on the model of the vehicle will determine which version of the manual shift is available; the sport model has the 7 shift manual.

This unit is an efficient and fully electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission. Its compact design makes it light and smoothness comes in part from the use of a torque converter.

The Fiats equipped with the CVT variant with sequential manual shift mode Speedgear transmission are:

Other Models

(Transmissão de Variação Contínua, Transmisión Continuamente Variable)

ZF CVT VT1-27T Electronic

Unlike the first all hydraulic CVTs introduced to the automobile market the VT1F is an electronically controlled CVT transmission manufactured by ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

This unit has the ability to have different driving modes. When driving normally the transmission shift as a CVT usually does. Higher revs and more power output is achieved through out the ranges in Sports Mode.

The Manual Mode (Manumatic or Steptronic) allows the driver to shift the transmission manually to distinct gear ratios. In this mode the computer has six different pre-programmed gear ratios for that distinct manual shift sensation.

BMW's Mini Cooper is equipped with this CVT. The ZF VT1 Gearbox is fully electronic, and economical in use. We can expect ZF to imporve on its CVT technology in the years to come.

(Tiptronic 6 Gears)

ZF CVT VT1-32A Electric

The VTI-32A CVT Transmission is fully electronic and as similar as it may seem to the VT1-13A, it is a completely different unit including but not limited to the internals.

This ZF ECVT is mainly used in the:

Rover 25

Rover 45

(Steptronic, Stepspeed, MG)

ZF5HP19 Transmission

The ZF 5HP19 came in a front wheel drive and rear wheel drive version.

The rear wheel drive version is used in the BMW and is referred to simply as the ZF5HP19 (A5S 325Z) :

320i - 2000 to 2003
323i - March of 2000 to 2003
323i Ci - March of 2000 to 2003
325i - 2000 to March of 2002 - E4 Sedan
325i - March of 2001 to 2003 - E46 Touring
325i Ci - 2000 to 2003
330i - 1999 to 2003
330i Ci - 1999 to 2003
525i - March of 2001 to 2003
530i - March of 2001 to 2002
Z4 Roadster - 2002 to 2005

The front wheel version of the ZF-5HP19 is used in the Audi; the ZF5HP19 FL (01V) is the front wheel drive and the FLA (01L) is the all wheel drive:

A4 - 2003 - 2008 - 1.8L, 3.0L
A4 Avant - July of 1995 to 2002
A4 Quattro - October of 1995 to 2003
A4 Sedan - July of 1995 to 2002
A6 Avant - August 1997 to 2004
A6 Quattro - May of 1999 to 2004 - Except 4.2L
A8 - 1997 to 2003
S4 - 2000 to 2003
S6 / RS6 - 2003 to 2006

Porsche uses the front wheel drive version of the unit (ZF5P19 HL / HLA:

911 Carrera 1998 to 2003
911 Carrera 4 / 4s - 1999 to 2003
911 Targa - 2002 to 2003

The Volkswagen Passat from 1997 to 2003 (01V) also uses the HP519 gearbox.

The best way to identify which version of this unit you need parts and or a kit for is to locate the tag attached to the transmission and write down all the information on it.

ZF VT1-13A CVT Transmission

The ZF CVT VT1-13A Transmission is lightweight, compact, simple design and when properly maintained it is reliable. This unit is used in the Rover 200 Series; Ford and Volvo also equipped some models with this CVT.

When changing the fluid for any CVT always follow the manufactures recommendation for fluid type as this is very important for proper maintenance. The wrong fluid can reduce the life of the transmission or worse, it can damage the unit.

In the event a rebuild is necessary a detailed inspection of all hard parts is recommended to determine if any are needed. All gaskets, seals and other soft parts, including the chain or v-belt should be replaced to insure a more complete rebuild. And do not forget to use the proper fluid.

(Rover 214 216)(Transmissão de Variação Contínua)

Honda SWRA CVT Transmission

The SWRA is a Continuously Variable Transmission and some refer to it as a Continuous Velocity Transmission which does not describe it correctly.

A new term for many, the CVT is not a new concept. It was first theorized by Leonardo da Vinci in the late fourteen hundreds. Technological improvements in the manufacturing process and increased funding in research and development in recent years has helped the CVT become a more common options in modern vehicles. We will see an increse in the use of this kind of automatic transmission in the years to come.

The SWRA was primarily used in the Honda Civic, Logo, Jazz and Fit. The Jazz and Fit are the same car with a different names depending where it was sold. The Jazz nameplate was sold in Europe, Africa, The Middle East and some other regions. The Fit nameplate was sold in its home market of Japan, China and in North and South America. The Fit was introduced in the US in 2008.

The Honda Logo was produced from 1997 to 2001 in Japan. It also sold in the United Kingdom and New Zealand for a couple of years until replaced by the Jazz. The Logo is considered a super-mini.

Allison 500 Series Automatic Transmission

The Allison 500 Series transmission is an automatic transmission that is manufactured by General Motors. It is used in medium duty vehicles. For example, regular, dump and small concrete trucks; they are also used in delivery trucks and some buses.

The AT500 Allisons does not have a "park" feature built in to them like an automatic transmission that you would find in a passenger vehicle. The park is customarily achieved through an air brake system used in the truck for its regular braking system.

Some of the units also contain a power take off (PTO) option that allows the connection of a separate system where it draws its power directly from the transmission. Lets say you have a dump truck, the hydraulic system that powers the piston to lift the bed is powered through the PTO.

Besides being very popular in its home market of the U.S. it is also popular in Canada and Mexico. In Central America, most notably in Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala; In South America, most notably in Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile, and Venezuela. It is also used in most major markets around the world.

There are several different versions of the Allison 500 Series Transmission


Honda META CVT Transmission

The Honda META is a 4x4 transmission based on the M4VA CVT. This transmission or gear box has a compact design and it is known to be reliable.

The META CVT was primarily used in the Honda HR-V. Some HRVs came equipped with real time four wheel drive system; which means that the rear wheels engage if the front wheels lost traction, otherwise it functions as a front wheel drive vehicle.

Production started in 1999 and continued until 2005. It was introduced in Japan, its home market, Europe, the Pacific Rim and other regions. The HRV was referred to as the mini SUV as one of Honda's smaller SUVs.

We carry kits, parts, and chains for this unit. Please contact us for more information.

Inline Filters

In some instances an inline filter could benefit and extend the life of your transmission. In line filters come as kits, with the clamps and hose, as shown in the picture or just the filter. If ordering just the filter you need to supply your own clamps and hoses or reuse the one already in place.

This should not take the place of regularly scheduled maintenance as recommended by the manufacture of your vehicle. Having said that, adding an inline filter could be beneficial. Consult your transmission professional for more information regarding any upgrades to your transmission.

When changing the filter and and oil in your unit you should always consider a quality fluid, new filter, pan gasket and inline filter.

4T65-E Volvo Sub Kit

The 4T65E is a 4 speed electronic transaxle or front wheel drive FWD transmission used in several GM products, e.g. Buick Regal, Chevrolet Impala and Lumina, Oldsmobile Aurora, and the Pontiac Grand Prix to name a few.

The 4T65 E was also used in some of the Volvo vehicles, as indicated in the list below. When ordering any of the rebuild kits for the Volvo equipped with this unit a sub kit needs to be ordered as well. The rebuild will not be complete with out it as Volvo units have some differences not found in the GM version. Besides the parts that come in the subkit as illustrated in the picture the gear boxes are exactly the same.

Volvo Vehicles equipped with the 4T65E Transmission
  • Model Years Engine Size
  • 80 Series 1999-2002 2.5L
  • S80 1999 2.9L

Always check the tag on the transmission to verify the model.

Audi 01J Multi Tronic CVT Transmission

The Audi 01J Continuously Variable Transmission is also referred to as the J1 Multitronic CVT.

This unit is electronically controlled and is activated hydraulically. It uses a pair of variators that expand and contract in opposite directions to achieve the best possible gear ratio in relation to the engine's rpm.

The variators, a primary drive pulley and a secondary driven pulley, are connected by a special all high strength steel chain. The chain is often referred to as a belt or a steel thrust belt. For the purposes of the CVT, the chain is as flexible as a V-Belt and years of testing have proved to handle high forces and torque levels.

The torque converter found in traditional automatic transmissions has been replaced by an oil cooled drive off clutch system. The absence of the torque converter reduces the weight of the unit. It is said that the gearbox housing is made from a light weight material, possibly magnesium, which will also contribute to weight reduction.

The 01J has a manual mode with six distinct shift patterns. This is referred to as the Tiptronic feature. The controls for shifting with the Tip tronic feature are usually found as buttons on the steering wheel. The electronics controls the pulley system's ratio to achieve the six distinct shifts. When the Tiptronic is not in use this is full automatic transmission.

When rebuilding this unit you should consider:

  • Gasket and Seal Kit
  • Filter
  • Chain (Belt)
  • Clutch Plates (Frictions)
  • Steel Plates
  • Other hard and soft parts as needed

The 01J Multi Tronic (JF1) is used in the Audi:

  • A4 from 2003 to 2008 with the 1.8, 2.0, 3.0, and 3.2 liter engine
  • A4 Cabriolet from 2004 to 2007 with the 1.8 and 3.0L engine
  • A6 from 2002 to 2004 with the 3.0 liter engine (Sedan and Station Wagon Avant)

Diahatsu Manual Transmission

The Daihatsu Charade from 1988 to 1992 uses a front wheel drive (FWD) 5 speed standard gear box with the 1.0 and 1.3 liter engines.

The Rocky from 1990 to 1992 uses a 5 speed manual rear wheel drive (RWD) transmission.

Honda CVT Transmission M4VA, MLYA, SLYA

Continuously Variable Transmission

Honda uses CVT units is a few of its vehicle and is introducing more models with CVTs. CVTs seem to be the future of automatic transmissions.

Honda uses the M4VA, MLYA, SLYA, SLXA and the SCZA are used in the following vehicles:

  • Logo
  • Civic
  • Civic Hybrid
  • Insight

This transmission was introduced in many of the Honda markets around the world.

The gasket and seal kit, steels, frictions and chain (belt) are available for this gear box. Other hard parts may be available, please inquire for price and availability.

An email from Lory B. in Alabama

Lory's transmission in her Yukon failed. After days of searching for the parts she came across the Cobra Blog and ordered the 4L60E master kit, filter and brake band.

She had this to say:

"I searched for days and could not find the information I needed until I found your blog. My Yukon is working great. Thank you for all your help. I will pass along your information."

From all of us here at Cobra Transmissions; Thank you Lori for the kind words!


Hyundai Standard Transmission KM160

The Hyundai Excel and Pony from 1985 to 1989 with the 1.5 Liter engine uses the manual 4 speed front wheel drive transmission KM 160.

The KM160 comes with the vacuum can and no rear cover.

MT650 and MT653 Transmission Parts

The Allison MT 650 and 653 gear box use the same transmission rebuild kit and other parts. Here are some pictures.

Bushing Kit

Gasket and Seal Kit

Friction Plates (Clutches)

Steel Plates


CVT Continuously Variable Transmission

A CVT transmission or gear box is a transmission that can shift between many different gear ratios. In contrast a regular automatic transmission has only a few select gear ratios. For example, a four speed automatic transmission has four distinct gear ratios.

The CVT is suppose to be more fuel efficient and is being introduced in more models every year. A CVT transmission also has a smoother shift than a regular automatic.

Most CVT's work with a belt or chain between the primary and secondary drums.

We will be posting more about CVT's in this blog.

We are now offering a wide range of parts for CVT's including the belt (chain), overhaul kits, filters, frictions (clutches), steels, and drums. For more information please contact us.

Checker Manual Transmission NP 745

The Checker 6 cylinder Airporter from 1962 to 1963 used the 3 speed standard gear box New Process NP745.

09A / JF506E Shift B Solenoid

As mentioned in some of our previous blog entries the JF506-E has several solenoids. In this entry you will find a picture of the Shift B below.

The JF506E is also know as the 09A for the Volkswagen; the 5F31J for the Mazda; and the RL4F02A for the Nissan.

Also pictured below is the 09A Volkswagen and Mazda Solenoid Kits.