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Another Great Posting for the AODE and 4R70W (Parts)

Here is the breakdown on the bushings:

The bushing kits assembled for the following years:
- 1992-1993
- 1994-Up

Individual Bushings:
- Pump 0.758 or 0.697" wide
- Front and Rear Stator
- Direct Drum
- Center Support
- Reverse Clutch Drum / Front & Rear
- Forward Drum Shaft
- Reverse Sun Gear Shell (2 required)
- Forward Sun Gear
- Planet / Front & Rear
- Case
- Extension Housing 1.506 or 1.606"

Case Bore Repair Sleeve also available.

The following Valve Body Recalibration Kit can be purchased:

- Shift Kit - Transgo
- Reprogramming Kit for High Performance HP - Trans-go
- Reprogramming Kit for Full Manual Stick Shift Control - Transgo
- Shift Correction Package Superior
- Hi-Perf Superior Correction Package
- Sure Cure Kit - Sonnax

If you are searching for a part not listed here or ready to order please contact us.

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Big, Heavy, Strong MT643

The MT-640 and 643 Allison Transmission is used in heavy vehicles that require that extra punch not available on other units. It is used in buses, trucks and other heavy vehicles.

The rebuild kit is available as an Overhaul Kit, Banner Kit and Master Kit. Friction and Steel Plates can be purchased separately. The Overhaul kit comes with the Armstrong gasket and Vespel Rings.

The filter pictured below is the standard filter for this unit (paper with large grommet hole). There is also a paper filter with small grommet hole and the stainless steel wire mesh for 5" pan used with auxiliary filter. There is also the spin on cartridge, governor and center support filters.

Bushing are available as follows:

- Bushing Kit
- Pump
- Center Support
- Center Sun Gear
- Front Planet Carrier
- Low Planetary Carrier
- Rear Output Shaft (Replaces Bearing)

The pump bushing comes in 2.443, 2.530, 2.580" inches in overall diameter. Always take some time to check the external cooler to make sure it is functioning properly as it is a critical part for the life of the unit.

We received this email from Pierre a few days ago...

Pierre from St. Lucia needed some parts for his Lincoln Navigator with the E4OD automatic 4 speed transmission. Among other parts he ordered a master kit, filter and washers. This is what he had to say:

I want to notify you that I received the parts. It is always nice and easy to do business with you and hope (even if I do not want to have transmission problems!) that I will have the pleasure to work with you again.

Thank you for your very professional approach and work.

Thanks Pierre for the email! We appreciate the nice words and your business.

Solenoids for the workhorse 4L80E

The workhorse of the GM family line of transmission since the early nineties the 4L80E uses up to 4 solenoids. From time to time all solenoids, regardless of manufacture, go bad and need to be replaced. Here is a list of the options available for this one:

- Master Kit
- A Shift, 1-2, 3-4
- B Shift, 2-3
- EPC with Silver Can & Bottom Connector > 1991-1993
- EPC with Black Can > 1994-2003
- EPC with Silver Can & Side Connector > 2004-Up

Shift A and B solenoids are available in an aftermarket product that is compatible for both uses. The dealer brand (GM) are sold individually for each shift. The electrical pressure control (EPC) is not sold as part of the master kit.

TCC & Wire Harness for the Ever Enduring 4L60E

This wire harness comes with the TCC as illustrated below. Originally this part came for specific years, which is listed below. Now one covers all years from 1993 to 2002 (pictured below).

Here is a list of the harnesses available for specific year:
- Non PWM TCC & PWM 3-2 (6 Solenoid) / 93-95
- Blue Connector PWM TCC & 3-2 / 94-96
- Gray Connector PWM 3-2 On-Off (6 Solenoid) / 96-02
- Square EPC Connector / 03-06
- Input Sensor Design / 06-Up

If ordering one between the years 93 to 02 there is a clear advantage of ordering the one that covers all those years. The possibility of receiving the wrong one is completely diminished. Either way you can always order one specific to you application.

The Durable AT545 and its Parts...

Here is another posting on AT-545. The filter is the same for the 540 and 543 and covers all years of production (1970-Up). The filter is available in the metal screen, treated paper and brass type. You can also update the filter to the same one the MT643 uses; you will also need to order a tube for the update. Don't forget to order the external filter cartridge too.

The bushing in the picture below is the front pump bushing. This tends to be the most ordered single bushing outside of the bushing kit. Here is a list of bushings available:

- Pump Body / Bronze or Babbitt
- Stator / Front
- Sun Gear / Front and Rear 1.120" or 1.190" Overall Diameter (depends on serial number)
- Center Support / 1.540" or 1.600" Overall Diameter
- Front Planet
- Output Shaft / 0.775" or 0.815" Overall Diameter (depends on serial number)

The bushing kit is broken down by AT540, 543 & 545 early years and 545 later years; both containing 7 bushings in the kit.

Recalibration Kit, Brake Band and Washer Kit

The Thrust Washer Kit for the A518, 46RE / RH is good for the years from 1990 and up and is only good for the units listed. Here is a partial list of washers that are available individually.

- Overdrive to Piston Hub
- 3 Tab Output Shaft
- Planet (3, 4 or 5 Gear)
- Under Snap Ring to Rear Band Drum
- Shell to Rear Planet

The End Play Shim Kit is compatible for several transmissions from 1990 and up as illustrated in the picture below and comes with three 0.015" and three 0.025" shims.

This unit uses two brake bands; the kickdown or front and the reverse. The kickdown comes in flex, kevlar, high perfromance (HP) and rigid. The reverse band is either solid with a 6" drum from 1990 to early 1991 and solid with a 6 1/4" drum from late 1991 and up.

More 4R100 and E4OD Parts

The first item for discussion in this post are the extra reverse frictions for year range May of 1997 to February 1998. From the information that I received during the years it seems that from the transition to the 4R100 from the E4OD some of the 4R100 parts where used in the E4OD and this is why the extra reverse frictions are needed. I have even heard some customers call that year range the b@$t@rd E4OD.

Valve Body Kits are available in the following configuration:

- Shift Kit from Transgo
- Valve Body Kit from Superior
- Reprogramming Kit for Heavy Duty and High Performance from Transgo
- Sure Cure Kit from Sonnax

The filter is simple; 2Wd or 4Wd regardless of year. The intermediate brake band is the only one in this unit.

45RFE, 5-45RFE, 68RFE Filter Differences

The 45RFE (4 Speed), 5-45RFE (5 Speed) and the 68RFE (6 Speed) is an automatic unit produced by Chrysler. There are two filters that each unit uses. One is used inside the unit and one out side the unit. The outside unit is a spin-on type filter as pictured below. The internal filter is a 2 wheel drive (4x2) or 4 wheel dirive (4x4). The 4WD filter has a longer tube and is set further from the edge of the filter compared to the 2WD filter.

Filter Kits and both solenoid screen used with black and white solenoid connector are available.