TF80SC Valve Body

The TF-80SC is a 6 Speed automatic transmission for front wheel drive application manufactured by Aisin Warner. This transmission is used by different vehicles companies including Ford, Volvo, Saab, General Motors, Opel to name a few.

This unit is also known as the AF40-6, AM6, AW6A-EL, TF81-SC and AF21 depending on which vehicle manufacture is using it. For example the AF21 designation is used by Ford.

This unit is light and it is controlled electronically. Its also used in an all wheel drive version like the Volvo XC90. The TF80SC valve body is in constant use as it engages in and out its 6 speeds. When the vehicle is idling, the tcm automatically shifts the unit into neutral to reduce heat and conserve fuel. All this shifting eventually wears down the valve body and it's solenoids.

The valve body shown below is for the Volvo, Saab, Opel and Vauxhall. Please click here to see the listing on our web site.

NP271 Input Shaft

Happy Monday to all.

As this years brutal winter keeps pounding the north east and mid west drive-trains will be heavily taxed.  We have seen an increase interest in the New Process 271 and 273 T. Cases. 

In this posting we will discuss the input shafts for the NP-271 and the NP-273 transfer cases.

Their are four different input shafts; 3 different versions for Ford and one for Dodge.

Here is a breakdown:

Ford 24 Spline Part Number 421670 (26605)
Ford 31 Spline Part Number 421670A (24257)
Ford 34 Spline Part Number 421670B (44631)
Dodge 29 Spline Part Number 421670D (5086311AA)

Some of the Fords this unit is found in are the Excursion and F-Series with the 5.4L and 7.3L Diesel.  Dodge Ram 5.2L, 5.9L Diesel and the 8.0L 10 Cylinder.

Always count the spline to confirm the correct part number and avoid a delay in receiving your parts.  As this years brutal winter keeps pounding the north east and mid west drive trains will be heavily taxed.  We have seen an increase interest in the New Process 271 and 273 T. Cases.

Please click here to see the different shafts.

CFT30 Reverse Planetary Gear

The CFT30 used in the Ford Five Hundred and Freestyle 3.0L from 2005-2007 and Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable 3.0L from 2004-2007 comes with an integrated reverse planetary gear with input shaft.

The reverse plant with shaft is a common issue in this unit and usually replaced as a result of part failure  and or conjunction with a rebuild. The part is approximately 7.5 inches high and 6 7/8 at its widest.  There are three sets of two planet gears for a total of six gears.

Please click here to see the part on Cobra's online site.

88896067 Valve

The GM differential shut of valve is known by many other names.  For example:

> Oil flow check valve
> Differential clutch oil pump flow check valve
> Oil shut off valve

By which ever name you know it by the fact is they are going bad and are sought after.  The valve looks like a real big solenoid with a metallic body, plastic mid section and a screen to top it off.  This valve has a three pin electrical connection too.

This valve is used in:

Pontiac Aztek
Buick Rendezvous, Rendezvous Ultra and Terraza
Chevrolet Uplander and Venture
Pontiac Montana
Oldsmobile Silhouette
Saturn Relay

You can purchase part number 88896067 from the online store by clicking here.

BMW X5 Front Drive Shaft

We would like to start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2014!

To start the first day of the work year at Cobra we received a phone call from a new client wanting to purchase the drive line shaft for the BMW X5 equipped with the NV125 or the LWX500 Transfer Case or as its know in across the pond, Transfer Box.

He mentioned he purchased one that was re manufactured.  What does this mean you ask?  How do you remanufacturer a shaft?  Well, what happens is they ask for your shaft back first or charge a core.  Already with a few in stock, the company that is remanufacturing them will cut off the spline section and weld a new spline section.  Sometimes the new spline section is the same size of the original but most of the time its the a bit longer (about an inch longer)

From the description the issue this client was having with the one he purchased appeared to be a bad weld.  Its not the first time we've heard of this and of an unbalanced shaft.  If the shaft is not properly balanced you can feel the vibration as a result at different speeds.  Also consider there are various welds after the fact. 

These are just some of the issues to consider when purchasing a the spline section or a remaned shaft.  It does not mean they are all bad, just something to think about before making such an investment in time and money just to save a few dollars.

To view the new shaft on our online store click here.