BMW X5 Driven Sprocket

On a previous post we spoke about the transfer cases that came in the BMW X5.

Much like the driven sprocket / front output shaft of the NV125 and the LWX500 used in earlier models of the X5, the ATC500 has a very similar sprocket.

It incorporates the driven sprocket and the front output shaft in a single piece.  And much like the other two it looks very similar and can be replaced almost the same way.

The major difference between the earlier two cases (NV125 and LWX500) the ATC500 has s sprocket assembly and and an actuator which will make the unit a bit more complex but not by much.

The drive shaft used in the other two can also be used in the ATC-500 making good use of the longer splines.

We've seen a pick up in inquires and requests for ATC-500 parts.  The most commonly ordered parts as of today are the actuator, chain, seal kit and the driven sprocket.

When replacing the driven sprocket its a good idea to replace the front drive shaft too.  This will make for a better fitting of the two parts since they are new and the drive shaft has the longer splines.

4L60E Bonded Valve Body Separator Plate

From 1998 and up GM has introduced about 13 separator plated in the 4L60E, 4L65E and the 4L70E automatic transmissions.  This makes it difficult to have them handy when you need one as a transmission mechanic and frustrating to order as a do it yourselfer.

Now we have a plate that fits 12 units with simple modifications to the plate.  Part number K33599 can be modified by drilling or widening some of the holes on the plate.

For proper identification you will need to match the oe number and or the oe plate code to the drill pattern.

For pricing and drilling instructions please click here.

 GM Number
Plate Code
Drill Pattern
2009-2013 All Truck / Van
2009-2013 All Truck / Van

2001-2007 All M30 / M32 C & K
2007-2008 C, K, Rainer, Escalade
2008 M30/M32/M70 All
2008 Escalade Only
2002-2007 S & T Trucks (M30)
2002-2007 C, K, G 2002-2008 S ,T
2006-2007 C, K, Rainer, Escalade

2007 C, K, S, T - M30, M32
2008 C, K, S, T - M30, M32
1998-2004 F & Y / 2004-2006 GTO 5.7L & 6.0L

2005 Corvette Only - Does Not Apply To This App
Not Available

Please see below for application and instructions.
Years and Application                            oe Number     Plate Code     Drill Pattern
2009-2013 Trucks and Vans                 24245348          2SS                 - 1 -
2009-2013 Trucks and Vans                 24245346          2SY                 - 1 -
2001-2007 M30/M32 C and K               24241783          1HC                 - 2 -
2007-2008 C,K, Rainier, Escalade          24245346          1HB                 - 2 -
2008          M30/32/M70 All                  24243216          1HK                 - 2 -
2008          Escalade                            24243215          1HM                 - 2 -
2002-2007 C,K,G 2002-2008 S,T           24241784          1HA                 - 2 -
2006-2007 C, K, Rainer, Escalade          24241786          1HT                 - 2 -
2007          C,K,S,T - M30,M32             24241779          1HO                 - 3 -
2008          C,K,S,T - M30,M32             24241778          1HV                 - 3 -
98-04 F,Y / 04-06 GTO 5.7, 6.0L          24244053          1PU                 - 3 -
2005 Corvette Only                               24223421          1MX               Not Compatible

Please Note: The applications are for reference only. ALWAYS match the plate code first before drilling.

TH-180 Adjustable Modulator

As in most adjustable modulators this one replaces most of them made for a specific unit and you adjust it to your liking.

What exactly does this mean?

The modulator is adjusted for a harsher /
firmer shift or a softer shift. The one shown below and as an example is our part number 24160G (used in the Geo Trackers and the Suzuki Sidekick) and we will explain how it should be adjusted.

Look for the part of the modulator that is not threaded. You will see a small slot where you can turn it with a small flat screw driver.

Turn right for a higher shift or turn left for a lower shift.

This will not change the shift points.  This will only change the shift quality.  That is it will only make the shift harsher (firmer) or softer (less firm).

If this does not fix the issue you are trying to resolve like shifting points you will need to inspect the throttle valve cable as the culprit.

09A Aftermarket or Orgingal Solenoids?

I was on the phone with a customer today asking about the difference between the aftermarket and the original solenoids for the 09A/JF505E solenoids. The thing is this was not the first time this week this question came across my desk.

For the past few months this question has become more popular as the cheaper aftermarket solenoids come to market. Talking to a few of our clients that work on this unit they explain they tried the aftermarket solenoid with little success.

The main complaint is they fail quickly resulting in the vehicle coming back for warranty. This means the solenoids need to be replaced with original ones, which also means having to buy more oil (very expensive oil).

The difference in price between the AM and Original is not enough to justify taking the risk from what we keep hearing. This should be taking into consideration when replacing all the solenoids or just one.

ATC700 Transfer Case

The newest edition to the transfer case line for the BMW X5 is the ATC700. Also used in the X6, this transfer case is not very different from its predecessor the ATC500.

They both have a transfer case actuator or shift motor and sprocket assemblies with frictions and steels. Much like the ATC-500 and the NV125 it replaced the chain has a tendency of stretching. Once stretched you will hear a popping noise coming from under the vehicle when you hit the gas.

At this point you want to replace the chain asap. If left unfixed the drive and driven sprockets can go bad increasing the cost of the repair significantly.

TF80SC Valve Body

The TF-80SC is a 6 Speed automatic transmission for front wheel drive application manufactured by Aisin Warner. This transmission is used by different vehicles companies including Ford, Volvo, Saab, General Motors, Opel to name a few.

This unit is also known as the AF40-6, AM6, AW6A-EL, TF81-SC and AF21 depending on which vehicle manufacture is using it. For example the AF21 designation is used by Ford.

This unit is light and it is controlled electronically. Its also used in an all wheel drive version like the Volvo XC90. The TF80SC valve body is in constant use as it engages in and out its 6 speeds. When the vehicle is idling, the tcm automatically shifts the unit into neutral to reduce heat and conserve fuel. All this shifting eventually wears down the valve body and it's solenoids.

The valve body shown below is for the Volvo, Saab, Opel and Vauxhall. Please click here to see the listing on our web site.

NP271 Input Shaft

Happy Monday to all.

As this years brutal winter keeps pounding the north east and mid west drive-trains will be heavily taxed.  We have seen an increase interest in the New Process 271 and 273 T. Cases. 

In this posting we will discuss the input shafts for the NP-271 and the NP-273 transfer cases.

Their are four different input shafts; 3 different versions for Ford and one for Dodge.

Here is a breakdown:

Ford 24 Spline Part Number 421670 (26605)
Ford 31 Spline Part Number 421670A (24257)
Ford 34 Spline Part Number 421670B (44631)
Dodge 29 Spline Part Number 421670D (5086311AA)

Some of the Fords this unit is found in are the Excursion and F-Series with the 5.4L and 7.3L Diesel.  Dodge Ram 5.2L, 5.9L Diesel and the 8.0L 10 Cylinder.

Always count the spline to confirm the correct part number and avoid a delay in receiving your parts.  As this years brutal winter keeps pounding the north east and mid west drive trains will be heavily taxed.  We have seen an increase interest in the New Process 271 and 273 T. Cases.

Please click here to see the different shafts.

CFT30 Reverse Planetary Gear

The CFT30 used in the Ford Five Hundred and Freestyle 3.0L from 2005-2007 and Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable 3.0L from 2004-2007 comes with an integrated reverse planetary gear with input shaft.

The reverse plant with shaft is a common issue in this unit and usually replaced as a result of part failure  and or conjunction with a rebuild. The part is approximately 7.5 inches high and 6 7/8 at its widest.  There are three sets of two planet gears for a total of six gears.

Please click here to see the part on Cobra's online site.

88896067 Valve

The GM differential shut of valve is known by many other names.  For example:

> Oil flow check valve
> Differential clutch oil pump flow check valve
> Oil shut off valve

By which ever name you know it by the fact is they are going bad and are sought after.  The valve looks like a real big solenoid with a metallic body, plastic mid section and a screen to top it off.  This valve has a three pin electrical connection too.

This valve is used in:

Pontiac Aztek
Buick Rendezvous, Rendezvous Ultra and Terraza
Chevrolet Uplander and Venture
Pontiac Montana
Oldsmobile Silhouette
Saturn Relay

You can purchase part number 88896067 from the online store by clicking here.