BMW X5 Driven Sprocket

On a previous post we spoke about the transfer cases that came in the BMW X5.

Much like the driven sprocket / front output shaft of the NV125 and the LWX500 used in earlier models of the X5, the ATC500 has a very similar sprocket.

It incorporates the driven sprocket and the front output shaft in a single piece.  And much like the other two it looks very similar and can be replaced almost the same way.

The major difference between the earlier two cases (NV125 and LWX500) the ATC500 has s sprocket assembly and and an actuator which will make the unit a bit more complex but not by much.

The drive shaft used in the other two can also be used in the ATC-500 making good use of the longer splines.

We've seen a pick up in inquires and requests for ATC-500 parts.  The most commonly ordered parts as of today are the actuator, chain, seal kit and the driven sprocket.

When replacing the driven sprocket its a good idea to replace the front drive shaft too.  This will make for a better fitting of the two parts since they are new and the drive shaft has the longer splines.