ATC400 ATC500 Thrust Bearings

The ATC400, ATC500 and ATC700 transfer cases used in the BMW X3, X5 and X6 use a very similar sprocket assembly.

The Sprocket assembly consists of the Drive Sprocket, Actuator Arms, Drum Plate, Thrust Bearings, Drum, set of Frictions, set of Steels, Pressure Plate, Wave Rings and a Snap Ring that hold it all together.

Sometimes the thrust bearings explode or come apart. If caught in time the two bearings could be replaced and the unit saved. Sometimes the damage is catastrophic and will need to be evaluated closely to see which parts will need to be replaced in the transfer case.

The biggest issue was finding the thrust bearings. Inventory was hit or miss because they were only available good-used.

We are excited to announce we have the thrust bearings new and ready to ship. Our part number is ATC400-ATC500-Thrust-Bearing.

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