ZF S5-31 Manual Transmission Parts

The S5 31 is a 5 speed rear wheel drive standard (manual gearbox) transmission manufactured by ZF. The S5-31 is primarily used by BMW for North American applications.

We carry parts for this unit in the North American application and all other regions. Always remember to send the year, make, model, engine size, vin number and all the information on the transmission tag for proper identification.

Here is a short list of available parts:
- Rebuild Kit
- Bearing Kit
- Needle Bearing Kit
- Pressure Piece Kit
- Shim Kit
- Repair Kit
- Housing Parts
- Shaft; Input, Countershaft, Main
- Idler and associated Parts
- Gear Shift Parts; Fork, Pad, Bearing Pin ...

Here are some of the BMWs that use this unit:
- 325Xi
- 328i
- 330Ci
- 525i
- 528i
- 530i
- M3
- X5
- Z3

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