JF402E / JF405E Transmission Parts

The Jatco JF402E and JF405E share the same rebuild kit. This is a 4 speed front wheel drive automatic transmission. The rebuild kit is available as an overhaul kit (Seal and Sealing Ring Kit - pictured below), banner kit and master kit (all parts pictured below). The friction and and steel module is also available. Other parts like the filter will be coming soon.

This unit is used in:

- A three wheel parking patrol or police interceptor,
- Daewoo; Matiz,
- Suzuki; Wagon R / MR, Cervo, Pallete, Solio,
- Hyundai; Atoz, Amica, Atos Prime, Santro Xing,
- Kia; Morning, Picanto, VRIP, Visto, Euro Star
- Mazda; AZ Wagon, Spiano, Laputa,
- Suzuki; Kei,
- Nissan; Moco, Pino,
- Maruti Zen Estilo.
- Chevrolet; Matiz, Spark, Joy
- Naza; Suria


Unknown said...

Hi, tell me the price?

CobraTransmission.com said...

Please contact us for more information on the JF405-E at http://cobratransmission.com/index.php?main_page=contact_us